Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Bonus Update 6 Rolls Out with New Content and Fixes

The much-awaited Bonus Update 6 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now live, offering a range of new story elements, system features, and a host of crucial bug fixes.
Monster Hunter Rise Two Characters Cinematic
Image: Capcom

In the latest development, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has launched its Bonus Update 6, introducing a myriad of fresh additions and addressing numerous bugs to ensure a more engaging gameplay experience.

The update breathes new life into the storyline, adding new quests and expanding Anomaly Investigations with a more diverse range of monsters. Alongside this, the Gathering Hub quests will feature a newly introduced monster. To further augment the game, new weapons, armors, layered equipment, skills, trinkets, and hanging scrolls are now available for the players to explore. In addition, the “Augment: Slots+” has been added to Qurious Armor Crafting, as well as new skills to the pool of potential skills during “Qurious Melding—Vigor”.

Monster Hunter Rise Character Cinematic
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Moreover, the Anomaly Research Lab has new items for trade, and players have a chance to score a new prize in the Market’s lottery. Kamura Village and Elgado Outpost will also feature fresh dialogue for major NPCs, depending on player progression.

On the system front, the update has expanded the capacity of Anomaly Investigations, now permitting ownership of up to 200. New Guild Card titles are available, along with a new Badge of Heroes, enriching the player’s interaction with the game.

Despite these new features, Monster Hunter Rise hasn’t forgotten its roots. An array of bugs impacting players and followers have been addressed. From resolving issues related to the Dragon Conversion skill and gunlance’s Blast Dash for the Hunter to fine-tuning the behavior of followers in battle, these fixes target to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Monster Hunter Rise Dragon
Image: Capcom

The update has also ironed out glitches concerning monster behavior. Certain anomalies, including bugs affecting Barioth’s landing animation and Amatsu’s starting roar, have been rectified. Additionally, Monster Hunter Rise has resolved issues with monster mounts, ensuring smoother player-monster interactions.

In terms of environments, fixes have been made to ensure correct display of quest completion backgrounds, cannon placements, and sky alterations in specific locales. Players can also now conveniently scroll through pages on the Smithy’s material selection screen by holding down either the L or R button.

In the realm of quests, Monster Hunter Rise has extended its offerings, including the introduction of 3-monster quests for Anomaly Investigations at the Arena, the Infernal Springs, and the Forlorn Arena, starting from Level 261. Chaotic Gore Magala may now feature during Expedition Tours, and certain Side Quests are deliverable once specific other quests have been completed.

Monster Hunter Rise Character Looking Upcinematic
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A number of bugs affecting equipment display and sound effects have also been remedied. Alongside this, the update has fixed text-display issues within menus and during specific cutscenes, enhancing the user interface for players.

Steam users have not been left behind. The update includes provisions for blocked players on Steam’s blocked-user list, preventing them from entering the same lobby as the player who blocked them or participating in the same quests. An automatic on-screen keyboard for text entry situations has been enabled for those playing on Steam Deck.

Source: Capcom Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Patch Notes

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