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Need For Speed Unbound reveals key Events and Lakeshore City Features

Need For Speed Unbound teases a highly active city and fast-paced events.
Need For Speed Unbound Takeover Image
Image: EA

Need For Speed Unbound has just revealed and elaborated on some of the biggest events and gameplay mechanics for Lakeshore City. This includes Takeovers, Car Deliveries, Passenger Deliveries, Speed Traps and more. Here’s the announcement from Need For Speed Unbound’s official feed:

Takeover events will have players competing between each other’s biggest scores, instead of actually racing each other. This event got a gameplay trailer just a couple of days ago for refernece:

While Takeovers seem like an interesting test of skill, fans were disappointed about some of the missed opportunities after Need For Speed Unbound released today’s list of events. For example, there were a few requests for drag racing or the fan favorite Drift Races.

Drift Racing was a big component of the Underground titles. Now that today’s official post from the devs also went into further detail about how much players will be able to adjust the drift controls, it’d be nice to see these events return sometime. They haven’t been ruled out just yet, and Drift Races have supported point-to-point in the past.

The delivery events definitely seem fun, with passenger deliveries being an absolute highlight and surprise. Picking up a passenger immediately triggers the cops and a ticking clock, giving players the closest thing to a Crazy Taxi sequel. Crazy Taxi was a beloved arcade-style series, and here’s hoping for a nod or two in Need For Speed Unbound’s cosmetics.

The city will encourage a decent flow of activity thanks to its combination of jump ramps, speedruns, drift zones and speed traps. This variety should bolster the pacing and encourage city exploration.

Challenges and collectibles are a given, but ideally they will actually be interesting enough to pursue. Open-world racing games are sometimes more fun when the players make up their own ways to mess around.

The next Under the Hood post is expected to cover multiplayer gameplay. You can read more about Need For Speed Unbound and other hit racing games by following our news section!

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