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Need for Speed: Unbound reveals more about driver, car, and performance customization

Win in style with all the customization features in the upcoming Need for Speed: Unbound!
Need For Speed Unbound Reveals More About Driver Car And Performance Customization Image

This week’s Under the Hood focuses on Need for Speed: Unbound’s customizing options.

Every Friday, Need For Speed: Unbound releases an article called “Under the Hood” that provides an in-depth overview of the game’s features. This will be updated until Need For Speed: Unbound’s release later this year.

Need for Speed Unbound customization is not only about how the vehicle looks and runs, but also about what style the driver represents after a race and how they burn up the roads. The new Under the Hood page explore customization for the driver, the car (both aesthetically and in terms of performance), and Driving Effects.

Driver Customization

Before players get to race in Need for Speed Unbound, they will need to create a character. The first step is to select a Model or template for the driver. There will be a variety of options for Head, eye color, and skin color. Players may also pick the voice for their character and adjust the pitch using the slider. 

There will also be Hair options, including Hair Color and Hair Tip tints. Additionally, there is a Facial Hair option where players may choose Facial Hair Color and Face Details (face tattoos, makeup, dirt, or a bandage).

Need for Speed Unbound also reveals that they will have some fashion partners for the driver’s clothing that they will discuss in future Drops. Meanwhile, drivers will also be able to earn poses to perform stunts on their rivals by winning races.

Car Customization

For Car Customization, players will have four options – Style, Performance, Buy and Sell, and All My Rides. After selecting the Body option, the player will be able to modify the ride’s form and add or delete body panels (on some cars).

There are also premade Body Kits for those who are unsure about modifying their car. In addition, players may paint their vehicle and utilize the Wrap editor, which contains new decal content from fashion brands, manufacturer brands, new fonts, street art, and EA world decals, among others.

Legendary Customs will also be available in Need for Speed: Unbound, with silhouette-changing pieces that modify a car’s look into a one-of-a-kind custom. Players may also add and modify Vanity Items, such as Underglow, Horn, and Air Suspension, to their cars.

Cars may also have Driving Effects, which may be Tags or Samples. Tags are stylized images that burst when a vehicle leaps, burns, or drifts. A sample is a sound that will hear when the Burst Nitrous is activated. 

Performance Customization

Engine Swaps is the first subcategory of Performance customization, allowing players to choose an engine depending on the Tier they want to achieve. There will be a Parts menu for those who want complete control over the car’s components. This menu contains Induction, Electronic Control Unit, Fuel Systems, Exhaust, Turbo Chargers, Nitrous, Suspension, Brakes, Tires, Clutch, Transmission, and Differential. As players upgrade parts from Stock to Pro and beyond, their car’s stats will change and shift. 

Additionally, players may head to Auxiliary to get Impact Protection and Repair Kits to Damage Increase, Radio Jammers, and gadgets to fill their Nitrous faster. Meanwhile, as players upgrade their Tiers, Suspension, and Differential categories, their Handling slider availability range will increase. This will allow players to adjust their Handling to have more Grip or be more likely to Drift.

Need For Speed: Unbound is expected to launch on December 2, 2022. Check the official Need For Speed: Unbound website for more updates and news!

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