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Need For Speed Unbound unveils release calendar, specs and more features

Need For Speed Unbound covers key settings, cross-play, and more in a new "Under the Hood" update.
Need For Speed Unbound Reveals More About Driver Car And Performance Customization Image

Need for Speed Unbound, the highly anticipated racing sequel, has released another “Under the Hood” elaborating on when fans can expect the game to launch, required specs, and other assorted features like cross-play. Here’s the full announcement from Need for Speed’s feed:

Under the Hood has been the official news breakdown for Unbound details, but as the game is drawing nearer to launch, things are a little more clinical and practical than juicy.

Need for Speed Unbound built up a lot of controversy over its strange comic book art style early on, which could have been pretty disruptive during a race for some. But as soon as the devs revealed that it was optional, fans really began to get on board again. Since then, everything has begun to line up for Unbound to succeed, and early access will be available on November 29th, 2022.

The spec requirements are pretty lax, and the game will only be around 50GB, which isn’t nearly as demanding as it could’ve been. This will make Unbound easier to install and store, and the graphics should be acceptable enough.

The highlight of today’s Under the Hood is definitely the Cross-Play details. Apparently, Lakeshore Online is the name of the game’s multiplayer experience, and it will support PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This can be toggled, and in fact, Xbox users may have to enable the feature themselves.

That should put some minds at ease if you’re worried about the disparate performances between console and PC. It’s an age-old concern for every title, since the systems can operate at very different levels. There will even be steering wheel support for the game, which is more likely to be found on PC. But Cross-Play will definitely make it easier for friends to play together, and to find matches.

Players will also be able to adjust the story’s difficulty level, and even switch your Gearbox from Automatic to Manual. The amount of control and customization is impressive for a franchise that hasn’t seen the same success as some of its predecessors, and promises to lead the series into a brighter future.

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