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A new Club will be added to Mad City in the next chapter!

Fans of Mad City can expect a popping new club with some amazing animations to be released with the next chapter update!
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Players can expect some exciting new additions to Mad City in the next chapter update! The big reveal looks to be a pretty great looking Club that will feature music and some amazing new visuals. The colors change, the floor is animated, and looks like you’re standing in space! There’s a whole lot to like about the upcoming new addition to the game.

You can get a first look at the new Club via the video in this Tweet:

If you’re worried about FPS drops, then don’t worry because the developers have taken this into consideration:

Your tiles will only move above a certain FPS to prevent lower end device players from experiencing unnecessary lag.

Tweet from Scwhifty Studios

If you are sensitive to light or have a condition like epilepsy, then there has also been consideration for you as well. You will be able to change the settings that will reduce the effects, so that you can continue to enjoy the game and not miss out on any content!

For those sensitive to light and who have conditions like epilepsy, we will be making a setting that reduces these effects to make the game inclusive to you. Thanks for these concerns!

Tweet from Scwhifty Studios

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this new chapter of Mad City is going to be released. We’ve been given the dreaded “coming soon”, which could really mean anytime in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see when it gets announced, and hope for some more teasers soon!

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