New Gameplay Showcase for Lords of the Fallen Released

A new gameplay showcase trailer for Lords of the Fallen gives insight into the much-anticipated dark fantasy action RPG.
Lords Of The Fallen Axiom World Of Dead

The dark fantasy action RPG, Lords of the Fallen, is closer to its October release as its publisher, CI Games, and developer, Hexworks, unveil a detailed gameplay showcase trailer. Serving as a reboot to the original 2014 release, this game invites players to dive into a vast interconnected world set more than a thousand years into the future.

Lords Of The Fallen Tree Overgrowth

The game’s narrative unfolds across two parallel realms: the living world of Axiom and the dead world of Umbral. The showcased gameplay portrays an expansive RPG experience filled with intense boss battles, quick and challenging combat, and a deeply immersive storyline. Players can explore unique pathways, encounter distinct characters and enemies, and discover treasures in both realms.

Axiom, while posing its own difficulties, is merely a precursor to the horrors that lie in its counterpart, Umbral. The game grants players the unique ability to enter this nightmarish world in two ways, either by being slain by Axiom’s enemies or willingly sacrificing one of their two lives to perform the ‘Umbral Rift.’

In the heart of this dark journey lies the ‘Umbral Lamp,’ a device offering more than just access to the other realm. Players can utilize the lamp’s power to unleash high-damage attacks by flaying the soul from an enemy. It can even manipulate Umbral’s environment. However, staying longer in this spectral plain intensifies the number of ghostly terrors hunting the player.

Lords Of The Fallen Multi Arm Npc

The newly released trailer also offers a glimpse into some of the formidable boss battles in store. These include a towering demon looming over Calrath, the perpetually burning city, and Tancred, the Master of Castigations and the devout Chaplain of the Hallowed Sentinels. Underneath his pious exterior, a most foul truth hides in his very flesh.

Lords Of The Fallen Hellish Landscape

The trailer ends with the story of Dervla, a harrower who ventured deep into this world to stop the undead rising. She uncovered a horror so unimaginable that it led her to renounce her former life in commitment to a far darker oath.

Lords of the Fallen promises to take players on a thrilling, multi-faceted journey. The game is set for release on October 13, available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

Shaun Savage

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