New playable characters we might see in Evil Dead: The Game

Redditor users give us suggestions on some new characters we might see ended to Evil Dead: The Game.
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Image: Starz / Ash vs. Evil Dead

Evil Dead: The Game pits fan-favorite characters from the Evil Dead franchise against each other in an asymmetrical bloodbath. Iconic friends of Ash Williams, as well as the King himself, face off against his most iconic enemies in every single match. While there are certainly a ton of favorite characters already playable in the game, players have been promised that even more will be added to the game in the future, leading to a ton of speculation and requests for who these potentially playable characters might be.

We’ve already talked about skins we might see added to the game, with our primary source for speculative content being fan threads on Reddit. This time, we’re going to be looking at two different Reddit posts that suggest future content from the game. While one is definitely speculation, another may point to content already in the works.

To kick this off, we look at Reddit user u/Odranoelplayer‘s post, which points out that the Evil Dead: The Game team is following the Twitter page for the 2013 Evil Dead remake. As u/Odranoelplayer points out in the comments of their own post, this could mean some DLC characters from the 2013 remake.

The 2013 Evil Dead features Mia in place of Ash, and we follow as this new protagonist is forced to slay her friends with the iconic Evil Dead chainsaw. Fans have long wanted to see a team up between Mia and Ash in a sequel to the Evil Dead remake, but we’ve yet to get any promise that this will happen. Including Mia as a playable DLC character for Evil Dead: The Game could our one and only chance to see this legendary team up happen.

Opposing our potential survivor addition is, of course, a speculative new demon joining the roster. Pulling this character from the popular Ash VS Evil Dead TV show, Reddit user u/Neroshade27 suggests that the iconic Cougie should be added to the game, and it is hard to disagree with this choice for a potential new Kandarian Demon.

Cougie first appears in VS Evil season 3, when the evil returns and attacks a high school mascot, transforming them into half-man, half-terrifying-teddy in this abomination of fur and teeth. While u/Neroshade27 suggested the addition as a skin, fans in the comments argue that he should be added as a full demon, with cheerleader and football player Deadities following the terrible creature into battle.

Leave a comment below telling us what characters you want to see added to Evil Dead: The Game, and check out the Evil Dead: The Game section of our website for more fun articles and guides!

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