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New Smite God, Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i Ability Rundown and Skins

Discover the abilities and skins of the new God, Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i, who has arrived in Smite Patch 9.10!
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Maui, the Hero of Hawai’i, has arrived in Smite in Patch 9.10. He is the Demigod of Polynesian Mythology, known for helping improve the lives of his people along with his magical hook, Manaiakalani. 

In a recent post, the Smite dev team revealed details on Maui, his abilities, and new skins, which we’ve included below. Be sure to check out our Smite section for more great content!

Maui, The Hero of Hawai’i Ability Rundown and Skins

Passive – Manaiakalani

When an enemy God is Hard Crowd Controlled near Maui, they have been marked for the Crowd Control plus two additional seconds afterward. 

If Maui basic attacks an enemy who has his mark, his next basic attack is stronger. Any God hit by Maui’s enhanced attack is pulled toward him. The passive’s cooldown is 10 seconds. 

Master Fisherman

Using Master Fisherman, Maui charges up and spins his hook, which will go farther the longer he charges it. When he refires the projectile, it damages enemies and stops when it hits the first God. 

If Maui hits an enemy God, he can pull them in as he cripples and vortexes them toward himself for 1.5 seconds. This ability can be canceled at any time, and the stats for this ability include the following:

  • Hook damage: 100/165/230/285/360 +50% of your Magical Power
  • Max Range: 55
  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
  • Cooldown: 16/15.5/15/14.5/14s

Mystical Ulua

When using Mystical Ulua, Maui throws an Ulua made of magic water that explodes when it lands. This will give all allied Gods within a 35-unit range of Protections and Movement Speed for 5 seconds. 

In addition, the Ulua forms a pillar of water that lasts for 10 seconds. When an allied God stands in the water for 1 second,  a bubble develops around them and carries them to Maui’s location. When this happens, they receive Protections and Movement Speed for 5 seconds. 

However, if Maui happens to leave this aura radius and no ally interacts with the magic water, it’s destroyed. The stats for this ability include the following:

  • Protections: 5/10/15/20/25
  • Movement Speed: 4/8/12/16/20%
  • Aura Radius: 110
  • Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10s

Solar Swing

When Maui uses Solar Swing, he jumps, latches his hook onto the sunlight’s rays, and swings from it. 

Maui swings back and forth before leaping from the rope and slamming his hook into the ground. As he does this, he damages and stuns all the enemies in the area. When he swings, he can reactivate the ability to leap early. The stats for this ability include the following:

  • Landing damage: 110/165/220/275/335 + 60% of your Magical Power
  • Radius: 17.5
  • Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
  • Cooldown: 16s


When Maui has selected an area, he becomes Crowd Control immune and jumps into the air. When he throws his hook at the targeted area, he pulls up an island, knocks all enemies in the area into the air, and pulls them to himself. 

The island remains on the ground and blocks player movement for 4 seconds. Maui can reactivate this ability to get rid of the island sooner. The stats for this ability include the following:

  • Knock-up damage: 275/375/475/575/675 + 80% of your Magical Power
  • Knock-up area: 22.5
  • Island Area: 18
  • Cost: 100
  • Cooldown: 90s

Maui Skins

The skins that are available for Maui include the following:

  • Sun Tamer Maui (Standard Recolor)
  • Ascended Maui (Season Pass 2022 Skin)
  • Maui Masteries (Mastery Skin)
  • Detoxify Maui (Exclusive Halloween Chest)

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