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New World Roadmap 2022 has been officially revealed

New World's upcoming release schedule for 2022 has been released in the form of a roadmap!
Featured New World 2022 Roadmap Image

New World burst out onto the scene in late 2021, but the excitement for the game quickly tempered as many bugs and issues with it came to light. While it still remains relatively popular, updates have been a bit on the slow side. If you’ve been waiting to see what’s next, you’re in luck because they have shared the official roadmap for 2022. This details what you can expect from each season for the rest of the year.

New World Roadmap 2022 Image

The New World content roadmap for 2022 is broken up into three different seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Exact dates for when these things will be released are not yet available.


  • Tempest’s Heart Expedition
  • New Weapon: Blunderbuss
  • 3v3 PvP Arenas
  • PvP Reward Track


  • Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition
  • Expedition Group Finder
  • Summer Event


  • Brimstone Sands Territory
  • The Ennead Expedition
  • New Weapon: Greatsword
  • Leaderboards
  • Nightvale Hallow Event
  • Turkulon 2022 Event

While we don’t know much about a lot of these, we did get details on both the Tempest’s Heart expedition and the new Blunderbuss weapon in a recent post.

Tempest’s Heart – The Myrkgard Expedition

The story of Isabella will come to a close with this update. As you chase Isabella back to Shattered Mountain, the primary story quest line picks up, building to an explosive final showdown. Enter the Tempest’s Heart as you travel through the distorted capital city of Myrkgard into a corrupted dimension of reality. While diving deeper into her twisted psyche, uncover the truths of her past.

The Tempest’s Heart is an endgame expedition for 5 players. Recommended for level 60 players with Gearscore 550 or above.


The Blunderbuss is a ranged weapon with excellent mobility and close-to-medium range damage. It’s the first weapon that scales according on strength and intellect, making it an excellent companion for bruiser or mage builds.

Adventurers will be able to pick between two different playstyles by progressing via two different weapon mastery trees.

The Containment tree is all about closing the distance and unleashing a barrage of hot lead in your opponent’s face.

The Chaos tree, on the other hand, emphasizes maintaining a safe distance while unleashing massive AoE damage.

We’re also releasing a new Legendary Weapon Quest series to go along with the debut of the Blunderbuss weapon. Players should seek out Wang Tang Zhi in the Ebonscale Reach settlement once they have reached Level 60 and the maximum skill level with the new firearm to begin this epic journey.

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