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New World Update 1.3.4 Patch Notes

New World has received a new patch that brings weapon and tradeskill fixes along with some changes to events and controls.
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New World has been out for five months and has gained millions of players in that time. On top of the monthly game updates it releases, Amazon Games also patch frequent errors that show up in the game. This week’s patch 1.3.4 adds general fixes that affect weapons and events in-game.

While there is no new content in the game, the addition of these bug fixes is enough to please the players that frequently play the game.

Weapon and Tradeskill Fixes

In this patch, the sword and the void gauntlet weapon types have received some fixes to their abilities. The sword’s Leaping Strike ability had an issue that let the power be interrupted by a light attack, which has now been resolved. The Void Gauntlet’s Refreshing Harvest had a bug that misused the passive ability.

Tradeskills are the different skills you can level to craft better gear and materials. Logging has changed its experience curve with a focus on the first 100 levels. The hope is that this makes leveling logging smoother. Crafting stations received a fix for an issue on French and German language users.

Events and Controls

War is the great combat that sees large teams of players challenging each other in New World. Now, wars can happen even if the defending company doesn’t have any members. Also, Amazon Games will refund war costs if the server was in maintenance mode during the Siege Window, preventing the war.

Expeditions are also getting a round of bug fixes in this update. For starters, The Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition had a puzzle issue that’s been resolved. In addition, the Expedition Orbs have had several fixes, mostly to do with the frequency that you can purchase them. While this won’t affect current orbs on cooldown, it will work for any orbs you buy in the future.

Input buffering has its section on the patch notes released by Amazon Games. An issue caused inputs to be buffered before a player was affected by a crowd control effect. Crowd control inputs now clear the input buffer immediately. Another fix resolved the issue of players using an ability, switching weapons, and then using the ability on the new weapon.

That’s all the patch notes that have been released with the most recent update. This comes after Amazon Games revealed the Heart of Madness update that will add a new weapon, expedition, story, and more. Unfortunately, this update has not been given a release date yet.

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