Ninja Debuts on Kick Amid Twitch’s Controversial Restrictions

High-profile streamer Ninja debuts on Kick, following new, restrictive multi-platform streaming guidelines proposed by Twitch.
Ninja Streaming On Kick
Image: Ninja

In a notable shift within the streaming community, well-regarded content creator Ninja officially embarked on his journey on Kick, marking his debut on the platform with his inaugural stream. This development comes in the wake of Twitch’s recently proposed restrictions on multi-platform streaming, which have been met with widespread disapproval, leading some streamers, including Ninja, to migrate their content away from the popular platform.

Ninja On Kick
Image: Ninja

On June 6, Twitch set forth new guidelines that imposed significant limitations on the incorporation of branded and sponsored content into live streams. The changes have not been well-received by the streaming community, prompting many high-profile influencers to express their discontent. The restrictions were so severe that the entirety of the group OTK, along with influencers like MrBeast, Ludwig, and Dr Disrespect, threatened to leave the platform.

For Ninja, these changes were the last straw, pushing him to transfer his streaming activities from Twitch to Kick. Announcing his debut stream on Kick, he tweeted: “Live on Kick and Youtube today,” sharing a link to his Kick page, which was acknowledged by Kick’s official Twitter account with a laconic yet enthusiastic, “Big moves.”

Previously, Ninja had openly discussed his concerns regarding the new rules on Twitch. He unequivocally stated, “I’m telling you right now, I’m not going to stream on Twitch full-time after the simulcast rule, I can’t.” According to him, this move presents a considerable challenge, considering a majority of his viewership hails from Twitch, having recorded concurrent viewership numbers as high as 100,000 at certain points.

While this transition is an opportunity missed for Ninja in terms of his sizeable Twitch audience, it could also potentially impact Twitch itself. As more streamers consider moving their content to other platforms due to these changes, Twitch could see a significant shift in its streaming landscape.

Ninja’s move to Kick highlights the growing discontent among streamers about Twitch’s new guidelines and could be a bellwether for future changes within the streaming community. As the situation continues to evolve, all eyes will be on how Twitch responds to this criticism and whether other high-profile streamers will follow in Ninja’s footsteps.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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