No Man’s Sky releases the new Outlaws update

Become an interstellar rebel in the new Outlaw update of No Man’s Sky!
Featured No Mans Sky Update 3 85 Image

No Man’s Sky is introducing Outlaws in the new update, 3.85. This update will introduce outlaw systems, the ability to recruit your squadron of pilots, improved space combat, a stunning Solar Sail Starship, and more!

Solar Ships are a new high-tech starship class being introduced in this update. Solar ships come with a complete and diverse range of procedurally generated variations. These ships will be versatile and efficient long-range travelers come with a unique set of technologies. They can be found all across the universe for all of your outlaw needs.

Outlaw stations are an exciting and treacherous-looking addition to No Man’s Sky. The story behind these outlaw stations is quite captivating.

Across the galaxy, star systems have fallen under outlaw control. System authority has been surrendered to rebel forces, leaving space unpoliced and ripe for piracy.

As well as having no Sentinel interceptors, outlaw systems have their own technology merchants, their own marketplace for contraband items, their own unique mission agents, and much more…

Along with the other additions, space combat has been improved. The only details on what this could be include, “The risks and rewards of space combat have been rebalanced for challenge, flow, and speed.” What we know is that you will also be able to fly with squadrons and manage and upgrade your wingmen.

This patch has also increased the destruction effects on ships, asteroids, freighters, and space cargo. So when you’re shooting down objects in space, their destruction will be much more enjoyable than before! There will also be a new Starship Combat Auto-Follow option, enabling automatic target locking capabilities for space combat.

On top of this, you will also see passing frigates in the sky. Their overhauled warp and engine effects will have additional flair and impact on the surrounding area.

This update has added the ability to smuggle. You can purchase contraband goods from outlaw stations and shuttle them across regulated systems to sell for a profit. You can now do this as your ships can be fitted with a cargo hold. But as the authorities will be scanning vessels, be sure to purchase a Cargo Probe Deflector.

Many great things are coming to No Man’s Sky in this update! Be sure to check out our section on No Man’s Sky for more great content!

Hayley Andrews

Hayley Andrews

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