Palworld Breeding Guide

You can create the ultimate team of Pals in Palworld with this comprehensive breeding guide!
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Palworld has a robust breeding system that is surprising if you weren’t expecting it. The breeding allows you to combine the traits of different Pals to form your ultimate companions. We’ll explain how to breed and answer many questions that come with the process.

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How To Breed Pals in Palworld

Before you can breed pals in Palworld, you have to unlock the Breeding Farm at level 19 in the Technology Tree. Once constructed, just put a male and female Pal of your choice within the enclosed pen. Give them cake and let them do their business.

Remember that Pals of different species can also breed, potentially resulting in unexpected offspring. So, as long as they are male and female, you should be fine.

What Characteristics Do Breeded Pals Get?

Offspring inherit a blend of traits from their parents, including base stats, skills, and even appearances. This allows you to combine desired abilities to create Pals with specialized strengths strategically. Breeding rare Pals can also lead to even more powerful offspring, further enhancing your team’s capabilities.

Interestingly, bred Pals can learn their parents’ signature Active and Passive Skills, potentially granting them access to abilities they wouldn’t normally acquire based on the species they start as.

Can Pals of Different Species Breed in Palworld?

Cross-breeding different species is a cornerstone of Palworld’s breeding system. The resulting offspring can take on the form of either parent or even evolve into an entirely new Pal variety. Experimenting with diverse pairings opens many possibilities for creating unique and formidable companions.

Does Breeding Pals in Palworld Make Them Evolve?

While breeding won’t directly cause your Pals to evolve into a stronger form, it’s the primary method for creating powerful offspring with superior stats and skills. Through strategic breeding, you can effectively “evolve” your team to tackle increasingly challenging environments and enemies. Furthermore, breeding can unlock special Fusion Pal variants, possessing unique visual traits and enhanced abilities, which can feel akin to an evolution.

How To Unlock the Breeding Farm in Palworld

Reaching level 19 in the Technology Tree unlocks the blueprint for the Breeding Farm. Constructing it requires gathering Wood, Stone, and Fiber. You should keep the completed farm in your base to get the process started.

What Is a Breeding Box In Palworld?

The Breeding Box is an important part of the breeding process and is usually placed outside the Breeding Farm. It holds Cake, a special resource required for Pals to breed and lay eggs. Keep your Pal breeding operation running smoothly by keeping a well-stocked Breeding Box.

Do I Have To Keep Adding Cake to the Breeding Box In Palworld?

It’s essential to keep a good supply of Cake in the Breeding Box for a successful breeding cycle. Once a male and female Pal are placed in the Breeding Farm, the progress bar will deplete the stored Cake as they engage in the breeding process. Keep an eye on your Cake reserves and replenish them as needed to ensure successful egg production.

How To Unlock Egg Incubators for Breeding in Palworld

Eventually, you’ll unlock the blueprint for Egg Incubators by progressing through the Technology Tree. You can use these facilities to speed up the hatching process so your newly hatched Pals can emerge quickly.

Is It Easier To Incubate Eggs in Palworld?

Egg Incubators significantly simplify the egg-hatching process compared to simply waiting for them to hatch naturally. Additionally, some eggs have specific environmental requirements for hatching, such as needing warmth for fire-type Pals. Placing these eggs in an Incubator allows you to control the environment and ensure they hatch successfully.

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