Peroxide Storm Delving Complete Guide: How to Play, Rewards, & More!

Wondering what Storm Delving is, how to play, or what you can gain from playing it? Well we have all the answers in our complete guide on Storm Delving in Peroxide!
Roblox Peroxide A Player Blasting Away And Arrancar
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A new game mode was recently added to Peroxide, which is a different experience than the norm called Storm Delving, where players storm dive into an arena for rewards. This guide provides insights into the Storm Delve game mode, how to participate, and the rewards that can be earned.

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What is Storm Delve in Roblox Peroxide

Storm Delve in Peroxide is a mixed PvP and PvE game mode offering high risks but equally high rewards. Players can join as solos, duos, trios, or squads of up to five members. Success in this mode can yield valuable rewards like Accessories and Yen. However, players face the challenge of limited backpack space, necessitating a careful selection of items to keep, and if you die, you lose it all.

How to Access/Start Storm Delve in Peroxide

Roblox Peroxide Erelander Lathrix Npc Uhh Sure Choice
Image: CowardCatPlayz

To access Storm Delve, players must interact with NPC Erelander Lathrix, located in the Heart Cave near the Sakura Tree on the outskirts of Outer Karakura Town. This cave also leads to The Sewers. After a conversation with Erelander Lathrix and choosing the appropriate dialogue option, “Uhh sure?” players pay to select the size of the game mode (solo, duos, etc) they want to play, the server region, and then pay 500 Yen to enter the Storm Delving game mode and are placed in a queue until 16 parties are found.

How to Play Storm Delve

Storm Delve allows participation in various group sizes, from solos, duos, trios, and squads of 4 and 5. Once in the storm, players battle Hollow NPCS, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lords, amongst others. These NPCs have a chance to drop loot, but you should also keep an eye out for chests, both normal and chained, along with temporary boosts known as ‘Storm Powers.’

Roblox Peroxide Hope Tracker Storm Tracker
Image: CowardCatPlayz

You also have two new inventory items, the Hope Tracker and the Storm Tracker.

  • Hope Tracker – This is for extraction if you want to leave the Storm Delve.
  • Storm Tracker – This tracks the nearest NPC to you so you can kill them and loot their bag.

If you die, everything in your bag is lost, and you return to Karakura town with nothing, while your bag is kept where you died and is lootable by other players. Your bag has a maximum capacity, so you must choose carefully what you pick up. Yet this can be upgraded, but not during a Storm Delve.

On the map, there are orange orbs all over the place that can regenerate your health and level up your corruption bar. Once your corruption bar is full, you will gain a boost.

Ultimately, do all of the above and survive. Either get greedy and go for the biggest loot possible with the chance of losing it all, or get enough and extract using the Hope Tracker.

All Corruption Bar Perks and Boosts

Here are the boosts you can get from Corruption bar level up:

  • Common Perks:
    • Strengthened: +4 Strength
    • Hardened: +4 Vitality
    • Spiritual: +4 Spirit
    • Agile: +4 Agility
    • Reservoir: +4 Reiatsu
    • Artificial: 5% more damage against NPCs
    • Parkour: 20% faster climbing speed
  • Rare perks:
    • Aerial: Take 5% less damage during air combos
    • Proficient: Skills take 10% less reiatsu
    • Shielded: The first attack to hit you outside of combat is voided and does not damage you (this does NOT stack)
    • All-Round: +2 to all stats
    • Swift: 10% extra flashstep speed
  • Legendary perks:
    • Boxer: Mis deal 3% more damage
    • Strength Resistant: Strength related damage deals 3% less damage
    • Spirit Resistance: Spirit related damage deals 3% less damage
    • Doubled Edge: Deal 8% more damage but also receive 10% more damage
    • Dexterious: Second form lasts 10% longer
    • Underdog: Enemies that have higher health deal 5% less damage to you
    • Sniper: Deal 5% more damage when hitting enemies that are at least 50 studs away from yourself
  • Godly Perks:
    • Respiration: Perfect dodging an attack will heal you for 1.5% of your max hp
    • Reaper: Deal 10% more damage to NPCs
    • Engager: Lower all cooldowns by 2 seconds upon block breaking an opponent; does not work on evasive and ultimate

How to Get Storm Power Buffs in Storm Delve

Roblox Peroxide Storm Power Trackstar
Image: CowardCatPlayz

To get a Storm Power Buff, players need to kill all Arrancars inside of a base. Once done, a Storm Power will appear inside of it. Interact with the glowing light to receive your Storm Power buff.

All Storm Power Buffs in Storm Delve

Within Storm Delve sessions in Peroxide, players can acquire various buffs that can help them survive in Storm Delve. It’s important to note that these buffs are exclusive to the current session and do not carry over to the main game. Some buffs can be collected multiple times, each time amplifying their effects. Here is a complete list of all the buffs available in Storm Delve:

  • Curse: Enemies you kill cannot revive.
  • Marauder: Health packs fully restore your health.
  • Trackstar: Reduced flashstep cost by 40%.
  • Pilgrim: Double damage against storm Arrancars.
  • Blessed: One-time instant revival upon death.

All Possible Rewards from Storm Delve

Storm Delve offers various rewards, including:

  • Storm Torn Cape – Accessory
  • Massive Backpack – Accessory
  • Storm Goggles – Accessory
  • Bunny Ears Hat – Accessory
  • Golden Collar – Accessory
  • Sunglasses – Accessory
  • Ulquiorra’s Torn Outfit – Accessory
  • Storm Delvers Coat – Accessory
  • Common Perk Stone – Accessory
  • Rare Perk Stone – Perk
  • Legendary Perk Stone – Perk
  • Godly Perk Stone – Perk
  • Time Relic
  • Items
  • Yen

How to Upgrade Your Storm Delve Bag

Roblox Peroxide Upgrade Delving Bag
Image: CowardCatPlayz

To upgrade your Storm Delve bag, you need to speak to Erelander Lathrix, the same NPC who takes you to Storm Delve game mode. Instead of saying Uhh, sure? Select “Can you upgrade my delving bag?” and for 500 yen, will do so.

If you want extra help on this Storm Delving game mode, I suggest watching the CowardCatPlayz YouTube video below!

YouTube video
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