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Pet Fighters Simulator Update 1 Log Patch Notes

Roblox Pet Fighters Simulator has released a new update that brings a variety of additions, balancing, and fixes to the game!
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Roblox Pet Fighters Simulator has received its first major update on November 26th, 2021! This release brings the new Volcano Isle zone to the game and also adds some brand new pets to collect. You will also find new capsules to purchase, a cinematic intro, quests, and NPCs to talk to. There’s also a variety of balancing and bug fixes that should smooth things out in the game. Be sure to take a look at all of the details in the patch notes below.

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Pet Fighters Simulator Update 1 Patch Notes

  • Added console support
  • Zone 4 “Volcano Isle”
  • 7 New Pets for Zone 4
  • Added Robux Capsule
  • 4 New Robux Capsule Pet
  • Added supers for __
  • New cinematic intro
  • Journal
  • Journal Pages Scattered around map
  • 4 New Quests
  • 5 New Lore Npcs
  • Volcano Isle First Time Teleport Cinematic


  • All pets total base damage output decreased by 5%
  • All pets super’s now do more damage
  • Zone 3 pets now do less damage to properly scale with zone progression
  • Max Exp for pets increased to add challenge to uniting
  • Secrets are now more common for both F2P and P2W
  • Mobs drop 2% less coins
  • Compensated Time Played for all players who played between launch and Version 1.0.3
  • Damage Milestone Tiers 2+ Are now more difficult to acquire to promote long term game progression
  • Quests now Yield more Gold to better compensate invested effort


  • Capsules now have a tween in animation
  • No longer can bypass auto-hatch speed by spamming E


  • Patched uniting a single pet not properly carrying over exp


  • Unite Confirmation card now has exp values displayed as numbers
  • Backpack reworked into categories
  • Backpack now has clickable descriptions
  • Journal Menu
  • Journal Menu Popups
  • Pet Inventory UI now has select all button for uniting
  • Shiny pet damage now properly represented in UI


  • Coins should no longer hinder performance
  • Leaderboards should load more consistently
  • Frames no longer drop and Ping no longer spikes when approaching capsules

That’s everything we know about the new update that has been added to Roblox Pet Fighters Simulator! Find details on a whole lot of different experiences in the Roblox section of our website!

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