Pet Simulator 99 Giant Exclusive Egg Event: How to Find & Spawn Time

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Pet Simulator 99 Giant Exclusive Egg
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In Pet Simulator 99, the Giant Exclusive Egg is a highly sought-after item introduced in Update 8. It offers players a chance to obtain a free Titanic or Huge Pet. This guide will walk you through the process of locating and claiming the Giant Exclusive Egg.

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Pet Simulator 99 Giant Exclusive Egg Event

The Giant Exclusive Egg can appear in any biome within Pet Simulator 99 and has the potential to spawn in either World 1 or World 2 (Tech World) at random intervals throughout the day. There is no set location for the egg to appear in specific Areas, so it has the chance to appear in Areas you have not unlocked yet.

A notification will appear when the Giant Egg has spawned, allowing you to drop everything you’re doing and go on the hunt. Additionally, other players often share the location of the Giant Egg in the chat, as the more people helping the better.

Time Limit

Once the egg appears, players have a 10-minute window to break it. Successful players will receive a free Exclusive Sketch Egg as a reward. Due to the significant health of the Giant Exclusive Egg—around 10 million—players are encouraged to collaborate and work together effectively to break it within the given time frame.

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