Pet Simulator X Jelly Update Log & Patch Notes

Discover the Pet Simulator X Jelly Update, featuring the new Fiesta Maze event, exclusive Jelly pets with unique variants, increased Pinata odds, and gameplay improvements for an enhanced gaming experience.
Pet Simulator X Jelly Pets
Image: BIG Games

The much-anticipated Pet Simulator X Jelly Update is here, and it’s packed with new features, pets, and events that will surely excite players. One of the most notable additions is the Fiesta Maze event, which can be accessed by hopping into a cannon located in the town. This unique event features a maze with a randomized layout for every server, making each player’s experience different. The maze contains easy-to-break chests, and at the finish line, players will find the Fiesta Egg. This special egg holds four new pets, including the Huge Sombrero Chihuahua, Pinata Dog, Pinata Monkey, and Sombrero Corgi. A brand new secret pet known as the Sombrero Axolotl is also introduced in this update, adding an element of surprise.

Be sure to head over to our Pet Simulator X Scavenger Egg Locations Guide to see where those are spawning this week, so you can get yourself some free Safari pets.

Psx Fiesta Maze
Image: BIG Games

In the Exclusive Shop, the new Exclusive Jelly Egg is now available. This egg contains a variety of Jelly pets, including the Jelly Corgi, Jelly Panda, and Jelly Pig. It also offers Huge Jelly pets, such as the Huge Jelly Corgi and Huge Jelly Pig, as well as the Titanic Jelly Cat. These larger Jelly pets come with unique variants, featuring different items visible inside them. Some of these items include coins, diamonds, chests, lucky blocks, and mascots. The rarest variant, with only a one percent chance of appearing, is the Titanic Jelly Cat containing Preston.

Titanic Jelly Cat Preston Variant
Image: BIG Games

To see how some of this stuff looks like in game, I recommend watching the following video put out by BIG Games:

Several important changes have been implemented in the Jelly Update. The Pinata odds for obtaining the huge Pinata Cat have been increased, now offering a 50 times greater chance. All players will now spawn with the maximum player speed, making speed upgrades obsolete. The shop teleport is now available for free, providing easy access to the spawn area for all players. Additionally, to help new players progress more quickly, the coins in the spawn area have been buffed.

The Pet Simulator X update also brings a limited-time Huge BIG Maskot Pet, available with a 1% chance for players who join the BIG Games Pet group.

Huge Maskot Pet
Image: BIG Games

The Fuse Machine now features drag-to-select for easier pet combinations. Other fixes include adding search options for hardcore pets, resolving bank and trade-related errors, fixing Daycare auto-close issues, and updating the auction bar’s outline color.

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