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Pet Simulator X Space Update – Tech World, Dark Matter Pets

We have all of the information available on what has been added to Roblox Pet Simulator X in the Space update!
Featured Pet Sim X Dark Matter Update Image

Roblox Pet Simulator X which is developed by BIG Games is coming out with another new update that looks to bring a new island to the game, and the ability to transform your pets into Dark Matter! This is a pretty huge addition, and will have players needing to likely make a lot of coins and diamonds to upgrade their pets. We’ll take a look at everything that is currently known about the patch in this post.

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Space Update Release Date

The Pet Simulator X Space update will be released on Saturday, September 18th, 2021 at 9am PST. If you aren’t sure what that is in your timezone, you can check out our countdown clock below!

Pet Sim X Space Update Countdown

The Update Should Now Be Playable!

Update Log

Tech World

Launch off to space and visit the brand new Tech World! This includes a brand new currency, Tech Coins! Currently there are two areas in the Tech World: Tech City and Dark Tech. This will be expanded in future updates.

You can access Tech World from the Glacier area in Spawn World and pay 7.5 Billion Fantasy Coins to unlock it.

Dark Matter Pets

Dark Matter Pets are a step above Rainbow Pets, which makes them the strongest in the game right now. You can get them by incubating rainbow pets in the Dark Matter Machine. This process can take a while if you only add a single pet:

  • 1 Pet = 5 days
  • 6 Pets = 30 minutes

You can also instantly incubate the pet with Robux.

Four New Eggs & 22 New Pets

The Metal Egg, Tech Egg, Titanium Egg, and Dark Tech Egg have been added.

New Boost

You can now purchase the Triple Damage Boost for 149 Robux.

The Boost Pack

There’s a new Boost Bundle you can purchase for 1,099 Robux. It includes 3x Ultra Lucky, 5x Triple Coins, 7x Super Lucky, and 5x Triple Damage.


  • Visual Pet Refresh
  • Rank Reward Changes
  • UIStroke Implemented
  • Button animations for desktop players
  • Teleport window splits up teleports by category
  • Animations for high pet rarity
  • Exclusive shop window gets taller based on screen resolution
  • Coin health now scales to the size of the coin (like giant chests)
  • Rewards and coin health rounded to help readability
  • Inventory grid view now scales by resolution
  • Vendor billboards (the $$$ signs) no longer hover over everything
  • Rainbow animation framerate is no longer locked at 60hz
  • The fuse machine algorithm has been changed! Specifically, pet variations (golden, rainbow) are handled significantly better. Give it a try!
  • Tripled the amount of Diamonds you receive when purchasing with Robux
  • Removed Pog Egg
  • 15 Pets Equipped Offsale

Leaks & Details

Must of what is being released has been teased via the BIG Games Twitter account. We know there’s pretty much a whole new area that is going to be added. It seems like it will be called Tech or Cyber World, but that hasn’t been confirmed. You can see a preview of it in the following image:

Pet Sim X Tech Area Image

We also know that Dark Matter Pets are going to be available to create. It looks like you will be using a generator in the Tech world to create them, but the requirements are not yet known. Here’s a teaser image of what the generator will look like:

Pet Sim X Dark Matter Generator Image

The pets are going to be bright pink and glowing brightly. These will likely replace rainbow pets as the most powerful pets in the game. Here’s what they will look like:

Pet Sim X Dark Matter Pet Image

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update for Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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