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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announces upcoming Unrivaled Greninja 7-Star Tera Raid event

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will bring Greninja with the Mightiest Mark in the upcoming Tera Raid Battles event!
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Unrivaled Greninja Image
Image: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Game Freak has prepared yet another time-limited 7-star or Black Crystal Tera Raid event in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This time, Pokémon trainers will get a chance to battle and get a Greninja with the Mightiest Mark. Greninja is rarely encountered in Paldea, and the Greninja that appears during this event has Poison as its Tera Type, making it both a formidable opponent and a powerful ally.  

The first round of the Unrivaled Greninja Tera Raid event will begin on January 27th, at 00:00 UTC until January 30th, at 23:59 UTC. Meanwhile, the second round of the latest 7-star Tera Raid event will run from February 10th, at 00:00 UTC to February 13th, at 23:59 UTC.

Greninja, otherwise known as Ninja Pokémon, is a dual-type Water and Dark Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves from Frogadier at level 36. Greninja has never been able to be captured in the wild, not even in its debut titles. As such, they can only be obtained through evolving a Pokémon in their evolutionary line. Due to the absence of Froakie and Frogadier in Paldea, Greninja cannot be obtained by leveling up Pokémon in its evolutionary line. Nonetheless, the new 7-star Tera Raid will provide trainers with the opportunity to add Greninja to their team.

As with previous Black Crystal Tera Raid events, the upcoming Unrivaled Greninja Tera Raid offers various exciting rewards. Although the unrivaled Greninja can only be captured once per save file, players may re-challenge the 7-Star Greninja for a variety of other valuable prizes, such as Exp. Candies, Poison Tera Shards, Ability Patches, Mints, and other Treasures.

The Level 100 Greninja will have its Hidden Ability, max IVs in every stat, and the unique Mightiest Mark. It is also likely that this Greninja has access to the powerful Water Shuriken move, as well as the Battle Bond Ability. As such, it is recommended to include a Pokémon with access to Water Absorb, Storm Drain, and Dry Skin abilities.

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