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Pokémon superfan sculpts entire Charizard evolutionary line

Charizard's entire evolutionary chain was sculpted for a superfan's rapidly growing YouTube channel!
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Popular YouTuber North of the Border is known for realistic clay models, and this time they’ve made Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard into one glorious sculpture.

Here’s their latest video, where you can watch every step of the process unfold in under fifteen minutes:

The artist goes by Adam on YouTube, and they have already made the Blastoise evolutionary chain. That sculpture was revealed just two weeks ago, so Pokémon fans might just expect a Venusaur follow-up sometime soon.

Most of the time, Adam’s work transforms something cartoonish into a grounded version, as if they have crossed over into real life.

Some of these designs are purposely strange, combining or twisting familiar appearances. These sculptures can sometimes be downright disturbing for certain properties. For example, their adaptation of Toad into more of a real mushroom admits it’s terrifying in the name of the video.

However, there’s no denying that North of the Border is always impressive. And this time, Pokémon fans can rejoice that Adam’s sculptures of the classic monsters are quite accurate and satisfying.

Charizard Evolution breakdown

Today’s latest upload explains that Adam was somewhat unhappy with a prior Charizard sculpture, wherein the classic Pokémon was staged on top of their recognizable trading card.

Adam doesn’t just show how the sculpture is made, but also explains the reasons for every move. This makes the channel’s content more of a learning experience.

The description of the video also tells viewers all of the tools that were used. So, any curious (and bold) fans can actually try to make something themselves. This is a great way to encourage broader Pokémon fans to explore their own creativity, and like the franchise itself, clay is fun for any age.

North of the Border is also known for the humor in its narration, which can make the video more inviting for casual viewers that don’t necessarily want to watch crafts. This upload is no exception, using Shaq as a method of measurement and using some rocks for ASMR.

The video closes with some glamour shots of the completed sculpture. But there’s also a shoutout for patrons and fans, announcing that the channel has recently crossed 500 thousand subscribers.

You can follow the YouTube channel here to show your support and await more video game tie-ins, since North of the Border isn’t limited to Pokémon.

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