Pokémon Unite releases new Dragapult spotlight trailer

Pokémon Unite teases Dragapult's launch this week with a new spotlight trailer!
Pokemon Unite Dragapult Image
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Unite, Nintendo’s hit MOBA, has showed off some new official gameplay of Dragapult ahead of rolling them out on December 29th, 2022. Dragapult will be a Ranged Attacker, and their abilities from the core franchise will be included too, such as its ghostly Clear Body effects. Here’s the full trailer from the official Pokémon Unite YouTube channel:

Even if Dragapult is a little obscure, Urshifu’s spotlight trailer from last November was far more divisive. Pokémon Unite fans have responded pretty well with Dragapult’s addition, since Dragon and Ghost types have always been popular in general.

Also, their abilities were translated well, emphasizing its stealth with handy evasion skills that ranged characters often need in any genre. Dragpult’s gameplay flaunts some decent range, and the animations have solid designs. It doesn’t seem particularly OP or game breaking. In fact, they almost seem a little straightforward.

Given Dragapult’s Stealth Bomber art design, it would have made sense for them to be a Speedster, but not at the expense of their ranged skills. Naturally, some fans were still annoyed that other roles continue to go overlooked.

Attackers are always fun to play because they keep up the game’s pacing. Unfortunately, there still aren’t enough Defenders or Speedsters, who add more balance and strategy to the game. Dragapult sort of feels like an answer to Urshifu and other recent additions, but that’s a slippery slope. Hopefully, Pokémon Unite can patch in a rework or two, and add more variety to their roles with time.

Still, their selections have reached across a fair variety of generations. The franchise as a whole has been very fair in that regard, as Pokémon Go similarly announced Chespin for next month’s community day. There will always be requests, since you can’t please everyone, but at least Unite has evenly distributed Pokémon from all gens.

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