Pokémon Unite reveals new Leafeon Moves Overview trailer

Pokémon Unite has released a full overview of Leafeon's moves, including key details and gameplay.
Pokemon Unite Leafeon
Image: The Pokémon Company

The hit MOBA Pokémon Unite has just released a new, detailed moves overview for the upcoming addition Leafeon, who will finally join the game today, June 7th, as announced last month. Leafeon will be an intermediate speedster with melee.

The overview trailer delves much further into Leafeon’s move set than the brief, recent teases on Twitter. While casual fans might simply enjoy playing the Pokémon they like, the new trailer should certainly help longtime fans determine if they’ve found a new main.

The overview showcases Leafeon’s Chlorophyll ability, basic attack, Razor Leaf, Solar Blade, Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade, and signature Emerald Two-Step. You can watch the new moves overview trailer on the Pokémon Unite YouTube channel:

The Chlorophyll ability is a really thematic way to make Leafeon a speedster, balancing out their constant movement with their capacity to hide, while maintaining a sense of theme. This should introduce a little more strategy in how players retreat or push.

It’s also a fun resource to manage for other moves, when the gauge is full. The opportunity to trade your speed in, to slow down an enemy with a charged basic attack, is a very clever mechanic.

The Solar Blade feels a little tricky, especially for newcomers, who would probably best reserve it for crowd control. After gathering light, you’ll swing a very thin blade down in front of you. It’s likely to miss, potentially wasting a Chlorophyll charge.

Aerial Ace buffs yourself while speeding around, which feels a touch OP, so it was smart to limit the move to two uses. And even with such a small burst of energy, it could also help you close the distance when you really need it.

Overall, Leafon seems perfectly viable. Though it remains to be seen if they can compare to existing speedsters, it’s always nice to see that role expand.

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Anthony Fertino

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