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PowerWash Simulator Review (2022)

PowerWash Simulator is a game about cleaning dirt with high-pressure water. But is the game squeaky clean, or does it need a rinse of its own?
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To make a mess is human; to clean it with an industrial power washer is divine. So spraying down messes is the name of the game in PowerWash Simulator, where you’ll be tasked with cleaning all kinds of disastrous sites. From playgrounds and homes to stunt planes, you’ll be carefully cleaning every inch of a list of growing properties.

PowerWash Simulator gives you a basic tutorial explaining how to find and eliminate the dirt with the tools at your disposal. Namely, you’ll have your power washer and the ability to purchase specialty soap that will help you clean specific surfaces. From there, you’re set free into the city of Muckingham to help citizens clean their residential areas.

What’s good about PowerWash Simulator?

There are few moments as zen as having a continuous flow of water removing grime from a surface. Not to mention how good it feels to clean a window in just a few strokes of your brush. There is also a sense of progression outside of cleaning as you finish jobs and make more money. You can then use your business income to increase your toolset.

Whether you want another nozzle, pair of gloves, cleaning supplies, or a whole new power washer, you can purchase them inside the game’s store. These will make it much easier to clean by increasing the output pressure to get those hard-to-reach areas and stains or substances stuck to the surface. Overall, this will reduce the time each job takes you.

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There are also multiple different modes that you can play through, including career mode, challenge mode, special projects, and free play. This provides fans of PowerWash Simulator with different ways to try out their pressure watcher skills. However, it should be noted that there is only one special project available, which is the Mars Rover.

The career has nice stories, and the comical texts you get through a job make it feel like you’re doing something good. Challenging yourself when you get good enough will provide its kind of fun as you limit the amount of time or water you can use.

Another feature that PowerWash Simulator recently added was the cooperative career mode. This feature allows other players to join you and help with some of the more significant levels. Currently, you can only play co-op with players who already have a copy of the game.

Are there any negatives to PowerWash Simulator?

Whether or not you consider these as cons in PowerWash Simulator will likely depend on what you’re looking for when you play the game. First, some of the levels feel as if they were designed for co-op play due to the sheer size. These can take you well over an hour to clean by yourself if you set aside the time. An early example is the first house level, which sees you cleaning the back of a house and its garden.

As of now, you can only play cooperatively with your friends who have a copy of the game. It would be nice if a matchmaking option paired you with other online players, so you’re not dependent on getting help from your friends. However, the multiplayer feature is still being worked on, so matchmaking may be possible in the future.

It’s also worth pointing out how little content there is in some places, such as the special projects you have the options to work on. The current project is the Mars Rover, tasking players with cleaning every inch of the highly complicated space robot. While it’s fun to power wash on Mars, it does make one wonder what other unique projects FuturLab can give players.

Something else that might bug players is how the game determines when you’re done with a project. It feels like some items clean themselves while others leave you looking for the smallest piece of dirt on the surface. Bigger things require climbing under and around some areas that hinder your mobility, making getting that last piece of dirt near-impossible.

This is where the game has its issues, as cleaning dirt off of a surface is the main objective of the entire game. The ability to auto-mark dirt helps, but not on pieces that have their backs pressed up against the level’s boundary.


PowerWash Simulator took to Steam in the middle of last year and has seen a huge player count and 97% overall positive reviews on Steam. However, the game is still a work in progress that’s getting with every update, with much more planned soon. As an early access game, there will likely be a lot of content released on its way to launch.

The Final Word

PowerWash Simulator is a fun experience, due to its addicting mechanics and progression system while acknowledging it is still in development. However, it will likely improve as development progresses, and we look forward to seeing what FuturLab has in store.


Our PowerWash Simulator review was written based on the PC version of the game. Find more detailed looks at popular and upcoming titles in the Game Reviews section of our website!

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