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Private Server/VIP Links now work on Roblox Mobile!

VIP and Private Server links were bugged on mobile devices, but it appears that Roblox has tracked down and squashed this annoying issue!
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If you’re a Roblox player who plays primarily on a mobile device then you’re in luck! It appears that Roblox has fixed a longstanding bug that has plagued phone players. The issue was that people on mobile would not be able to click on private server links and end up on that server. Well, this has now been fixed, because mobile players can click on these links now and they will enter the game server that was linked!

You can see this in action via KreekCraft, who showed off the functioning link in a tweet:

This should make it a lot easier for you to play with friends or jump into private servers with other people while using your mobile device. The bug was quite annoying, so it’s great to see that Roblox was able to fix it and get things working again!

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