Project Ghoul Nutcracker & Noro Update Patch Notes

A new patch was released for Roblox Project Ghoul on March 27th, 2022 that brings balancing and bug fixes to the game!
Featured Project Ghoul Update

Roblox Project Ghoul has released a new update on March 27th, 2022! This release bring the new Quinque: Nutcracker and the new Kagune: Noro to the game. You can find all of the details from the update in the patch notes below.

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Nutcracker & Noro Update Patch Notes

  • Added new Quinque: Nutcracker!
  • Added new Kagune: Noro!
  • Nutcracker Kit
    • 1st Skill: A vast-ranged spike-looking thrust
      • Damage 34, Cooldown 7s
    • 2nd Skill: Bonk
      • Damage 38, Cooldown 10s, Has iframes
    • 3rd Skill: New Stacking Mechanic
      • You need to stack up 4 on your opponent, then “Expansion” will happen at if it’s a player or regular npc, then they’ll get damaged for 30% of their max health.
      • Works on bosses as well, does 110 damage to them instead of %!
      • You can’t stack on a person who is getting stacked on by someone else, it will notify you that the target is taken!
      • If the person who stack dies – their last stacking target will be cleaned from stacks and free for being stacked on by someone else!
      • Each stack hit 10 damage, cooldown 3, required amount of stacks until “expansion”: 4
  • Noro Kit
  • 1st Skill: A fast dash with lifesteal!
    • Damage 42, cooldown 9s, heals the user for 3% on hit, doesn’t heal if your target is blocking
  • 2nd Skill: Sit down and heal!
    • Heals the user on successful windup, could be cancelled if getting hit until windup is done, you’ll get notified if it got cancelled
    • heals for 20% of your max health
    • cooldown 15s
  • 3rd: A fast dash with grab!
    • applies bleed if your target is a player of regular npc, bleeding disables health regeneration. does 65 damage to bosses and no bleeding.
    • for 7 seconds does 3% of your max health as damage each 1 second
    • cooldown 13s
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Amon chilling on benches
    • Fixed bosses rewards showing up even if you did less than 14% of damage
    • Fixed Arima Coat dropping if you did less than 14% of damage (sorry)
  • Balancing
    • Nerfed a bit J13 iframes
    • Increased Yasu 2nd skill cooldown by like 2 seconds and made the hitbox more reliable
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