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If you are looking to figure out how to get around the map in Project Slayers, we'll show you how with a map and area descriptions.
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Roblox Project Slayers is a an RPG fighting game that will have you creating a character in the world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You will be able to decide to continue on as a human and fight off demons, or go to the dark side and attack the people you once called your own. If you want to know where certain locations can be found, we are featuring a map and descriptions of all the various areas in the game.

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Project Slayers Map

All credit goes to IcelinkX from the Project Slayers Trello for the map featured below. We did enlarge it so it was more visible and easier to use.

Project Slayers Map Image

The in-game map that you receive on your toolbar gives you the ability to unlock fast travel locations that you can use at the Horse Guy. Each one will cost you some Wen, but it will make it a whole lot easier for you to move around the map!

Project Slayers Locations

Here are all of the currently known locations that you can access in the game so far.

Starter Village (Kiribating Village)

This is where you first spawn into the game. You can learn how to use Bandage and purchase your sword in this area. You will also start a questline with Somi that can help you grind through the early levels in the game.

You will also find a couple of quests from Sarah and Grandpa Wagwon which are good for grinding to get Wen quite quickly.

Zapiwara Mountain

The Zapiwara Mountain is the location of the Thunder Trainer where you can learn Thunder Breathing for your character. You can also fight the Zanegutsu Kuuchie boss.

Zapiwara Cave

This is where you can reroll your Blood Demon Art (BDA) at the Demon Art Spin NPC. You will also find Membere Mekonen, who is located just outside of the cave. They will give you a quest to get rid of the demons inside of the gave and reward you with experience and wen if you complete it.

Waroru Cave

If you’re looking to train Water Breathing you can do so in this cave. This is also where you will fight the Sabito Boss. The cave is located behind the waterfall!

Ushumaru Village

This village allows you to purchase Fishing Rods, Elixirs, Potions and you can fight with Kaden who is the boss of the area. He is a good one to farm, as he is low level and drops chests.

Abubu Cave

This is a Demon area cave where you can talk to Tomi to start their questline.

Kabiwaru Village

Head to Kabiaru Village to obtain the Lantern and talk to the Kenzie NPC who will sell you the Lantern for 600 Wen. You can also start the Poma questline at this location.

Final Selection

This is where you’ll need to go to become a Slayer in the game. You have to arrive at certain times of the day which are:

  • 6am EST
  • 11am EST
  • 4pm EST
  • 10pm EST

You will need to then complete the following quests to become a Slayer:

  • Quest 1 – Talk to Beth
  • Quest 2 – Find Beth’s Katana (Reward: 75 Exp and 250 Wen)
    • Just go up the stairs next to Beth and continue following the road until you run past a hill. turn right and you’ll find the katana in the grass near a tree.
  • Quest 3 – Take care of the Sakurai Demons (Reward: 125 Exp and 340 Wen)
  • Quest 4 – Find Ouwbae’s Food (Reward: 100 Exp and 215 Wen)
  • Quest 5 – Help Brandon Defeat 7 Yowai Demons (Reward: 150 Exp and 445 Wen)
  • Quest 6 – Help Many Defeat 5 Heikin Demons (Reward: 175 Exp and 450 Wen)
  • Quest 7 – Help Steve to defeat the Hand Demon (Reward: 450 Exp and 750 Wen)

You can learn more about the quests via our Final Selection Guide.

Ouwbayashi Home

You can go here to fight the Yahaba and Sasumaru bosses. These are late game bosses, so be prepared for tough fights. They only spawn at night as they are both Demons and will be burned by the sun. Each boss drops a Tier 2 chest.

Wind Trainer

If you want to learn Wind Breathing, you will want to head to the Wind Trainer location. You will also fight the Sanemi boss in this area.

Dangerous Woods

Location of the Slashers Demon and Nezuko bosses. Both of them are considered mid-tier and only spawn at night because they burn from the sun in the day.

Butterfly Mansion

The Butterfly Mansion is home of the Insect Trainer who will help you learn Insect Breathing. You can also obtain some different Uniforms if you’re a Slayer. The Shiron Boss is located here. The Butterfly Mansion is also where you can build up your breathing by breaking gourds!

If you have additional questions on the game, be sure to head to the Project Slayers Discord.

That’s everything you need to know about the map and all of the locations in the game. We’ve got more details about the experience in the Project Slayers section of our website.

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