Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Developers Roy & Charcle have announced the release date for the anticipated second chapter of the hit game, Rainbow Friends. Fans eagerly await new characters and monsters.
Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 Release Date
Image: Roy & Charcle

Roy & Charcle, via their official Twitter account, have shared that the long-awaited Rainbow Friends Chapter 2: Odd World is set to launch on June 2nd, 2023.

The first chapter of Rainbow Friends commenced with a group of players embarking on a field trip to a theme park, Odd World. An unknown figure unexpectedly alters a directional sign, causing the players’ bus to crash. The players are then abducted and transported to a mysterious facility. The game mechanics involve players navigating around the facility, scavenging items while steering clear of lurking monsters. Following five nights of this routine, players who survive are granted a brief respite in a safe room before the cycle begins anew.

Chapter 2 is expected to introduce new characters and reveal more about existing ones. A character named Red, unique amongst the Rainbow Friends for their non-hostility towards players, is of particular interest. Red, appearing more humanoid than the other characters with a large, red head and oversized eyes, a full lab coat, and boots, assigns tasks to players throughout the game. Upon the players’ escape from the facility, Red cryptically warns, “Things are about to get a lot crazier”. Fans are left speculating whether Red could be the mysterious Oswald D. Davis, founder of Rainbow Friends’ bio-hazardous site, and if they are ultimately friend or foe.

Another character, Pink, is known to exist within the game files but remained unused in Chapter 1, originally intended to be the fifth monster. Similarly, Yellow is another character discovered within the game files, though it remains unclear whether they were intended for Chapter 1 or are set to appear in Chapter 2.

Cyan Master, a monster found in Charcle’s inventory during Chapter 2’s development, is confirmed to feature in the upcoming chapter.

Shaun Savage

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  1. finn

    when is rainbow friends chapter 3 coming out and who are the characters

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      That information isn’t currently available!

  2. finn

    when is rainbow friends chapter 3 coming out!