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Rainbow Six Siege November 2022 Anti-Cheating Update

Rainbow Six Siege's November 2022 Anti-Cheating Update addresses anti-cheating and text chat reputation and safety!
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has received a new security update centered around anti-cheating. While full details of the update haven’t been revealed to help maintain the integrity and safety of the game and the update, the developers have stated the update is said to help eliminate cheating. They’ve also provided additional ways for you to report cheating in-game.

Below, we’ve included details on the anti-cheating update from an official Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Steam post. Be sure to check out our R6 section for more great content!

Anti-Cheating Security Update

Even though full details of the update cannot be revealed to help keep the integrity of the update, R6’s developers are confident that the update will help stop cheating and other serious in-game issues. However, with this update, some external third-party apps may also have problems.

Cheats Addressed in the Update

Even though a recent anti-cheating update was implemented, the R6 team has been working on addressing cheats that have been affecting players. These new updates are now live and include the following:

  • Pause in the planning phase
  • Amaru NoClip
  • Aruni Melee exploit
  • Iana NoClip
  • Force Gadget
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Remote/Instant Kill

What You Can Do To Help

The best way for players to help the R6 team is to make reports, and they’ve provided several ways for you to do so. 

If you’re reporting a cheater on social media, please provide the following so that the R6 team can help identify and sanction them: 

  • Clear video or photo proof of the incident
  • The offending player’s Username and User ID
  • Match ID for any relevant matches
  • Date and time of the incident

If you cannot get the person’s Username because of Privacy mode, you can always provide their Display Name and the Match ID. 

Text Chat Reputation Penalties

With Y7S3.3, R6 has introduced an update to the Reputation System to help reduce unwanted communication, especially the impact of top offenders. The Reputation System triggers countermeasures when text abuse is detected. 

If a repeat offender continues to be abusive in text chat after two warnings, they will be text restricted for the next 30 matches.

Players who have penalties automatically start each match with their text chat muted for others. Players can unmute offending players if they choose to do so. However, the automatic text chat mute for penalty players is an extra level of safety against in-game toxicity. 

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