Ravenswatch Releases Geppetto Update v0.13.00 Patch Notes

The first content update for Ravenswatch since its early access launch, titled Geppetto, brings a wealth of gameplay enhancements, adjustments, and bug fixes.
Ravenswatch Geppetto Update
Image: Passtech Games

Ravenswatch, the top-down roguelike action game by Passtech Games, has unveiled its first major content update since launching in early access. Named Geppetto v0.13.00, the update introduces an array of new features, including the addition of a new hero, Geppetto. Known for his Italian woodcarving skills and a unique gameplay style, Geppetto adds a fresh dimension to the game’s already deep replayability.

The Geppetto update brings with it four new abilities, one new trait, 14 upgrades, and two ultimate abilities for the new hero. Additionally, a series of ultimate abilities have been added for existing characters such as Scarlet, The Pied Piper, Beowulf, Snow Queen, Aladdin, and Melusine.

In response to community feedback, the developers have implemented a new teleportation system, which allows players to teleport from anywhere using the TAB or Back button, access the mini-map, and select a teleport mark to land on.

The new update also brings changes to the game’s dialog system. Heroes can now engage in short exchanges during quiet moments, enhancing the overall narrative experience. Furthermore, the developers have added unique icons to all magical objects and consumables, along with a revision of the Pigs’ quest interface for improved clarity and neatness.

Balancing adjustments have also been made to some heroes, including Scarlet, Piper, Beowulf, and Snow Queen, with bug fixes accompanying these changes to enhance gameplay experience. Furthermore, changes to healing upgrades, healing orbs, enemies, and some magical objects have been made in order to balance the game.

The update does come with a disclaimer that some text translations into other languages have yet to be completed. The developers promise to address this with a hotfix in the coming days.

On the bug-fixing front, the developers have addressed several crashes related to the inventory interface and the teleport feature. Issues with revived heroes, snakes, SFX, enemies’ shadows, and the Pigs’ quest have also been fixed. Moreover, localization issues have been addressed, particularly for the Sandman’s shop and special Polish characters.

Here’s the full list of patch notes from the official blog post on Steam:

New features

  • New Hero: Geppetto joins the Ravenswatch!
    + 4 Abilities + 1 Trait
    + 14 Upgrades
    + 2 Ultimates
  • Additional Ultimate abilities:
    + The Pied Piper: PLAGUE OF RATS
    + Beowulf: RAGING CHAIN
    + Snow Queen: SNOW STORM
    + Aladdin: MAGIC CARPET
    + Melusine: WISP BALLET
  • 🐦 New Teleport System: Teleport yourself from anywhere using the TAB / Back button, access the Mini-map, and choose a Teleport mark to land on.
  • New Voice lines:
    + Added more barks and voices lines for all heroes
    + Scarlet’s Wolf form now has voice lines!
  • New Dialog system: Heroes can now exchange short dialogs together during quiet moments
  • New Magical Objects icons: All the Magical Objects and Consumables now have unique icons!
  • 🐦 Pigs’ quest HUD revisions: We adjusted the Pigs’ quest interface so it’s now clearer and neater
  • 🐦 Tooltips: Added better tooltips for ATTACK, POWER, DEFENSE, etc. on abilities and Upgrades (still a work in progress)

Heroes adjustements

  • Scarlet, Piper, Beowulf, Snow Queen: Fixed some upgrades displayed information not taking into account DMG modifiers
  • Scarlet:
    + Removed inertia when aiming with the mouse with ‘Distant Blows’ upgrade
    + Will not passively transform during an interaction anymore
    + Fixed Aggressive Defense damage not scaling correctly with DMG value
  • Beowulf:
    + Improved control on Special so Beowulf can orient quicker during the ability, including with the ‘Bladestorm’ upgrade
    + Fixed damage calculation for ‘Fiery Seismo’ upgrade, which gave higher damage per hit than expected
  • Aladdin:
    + 🐦 Second Wish now spawns Consumables instead of Magical Objects
    Design notes: Aladdin’s capacity to generate Magical Objects with his second wish could really go off limits in terms of power and was simply too much, especially in Multiplayer. Offering Consumables instead is a way to keep the idea of empowerment with the Wish, but it’s more reasonable and controllable. We may even think of making some unique ones for this wish in the future!
    + Third Wish Shield cannot stack with itself anymore
  • Melusine:
    + Cannot use Contextual Interactions anymore while in Sing Stance
    + ‘Protective Flow’ Upgrade’s Shield base value adjusted to 8 (from 10)
    + 🐦 Fixed a bug that could allow ‘Underwater Predation’ effect to last after defense is interrupted


  • Healing Upgrades: Healing upgrades do not scale with DMG anymore (Piper’s ‘Perfect Harmony’, Aladdin’s ‘Healing Blades’, Melusine’s ‘Spring Water’)
    Design Notes: Healings produced by abilities were incorrectly scaling with the damage they dealt, making those abilities snowball too much in terms of value when upgraded/improved by DMG. Those healings still scale with Hero Level and can still be improved with the Mermaid Tears object.
  • Healing Orbs: Healing orbs now heal a fixed portion of Health instead of a % of maximum
    Design Notes: Healing a % of maximum health results to be more and more valuable as Heroes level up and gain vitality, thus making Heroes even more potent as they get more powerful and this could make advanced trials easier than expected. It was also a disadvantage for Heroes with a lower health pool, making them even more vulnerable at early stages of the game. Healing orbs now always heal 20 HP until Nightmare 4 difficulty where it is reduced to 10 HP. Those values are still improved by the Mermaid Tears object.
  • Enemies: Now have a shorter delay in making their first attack
    Design Notes: Enemies were in general a bit slow to start attacking when entering combat, and some of them had trouble even attacking one time sometimes. This will encourage players to think about their engagements and make the enemies a little more dangerous.
  • Treants: Will now chain swipe attacks when they hit a Hero up to 4 times (from no limit)
  • Magical Object – Faerie Dust: Lowered Shield increase to +25% (from +50%)
    Design Notes: Shields in general are very valuable, and even this objects is specific to Heroes having access to it, the result was too high.
  • Magical Object – Vajra: Lowered damage dealt to 40 (from 50)

Fixed bugs

  • Crashes:
    + 🐦 Fixed a crash where the game would become unresponsive when Inventory or a Grimoire interface were triggered at the same time as a Teleport
    + 🐦 Fixed a crash when a player attempted to revive another player while still attacking continuously
    + 🐦 Fixed a crash when a player would hold the right mouse button while teleporting to any Raven’s mark
  • 🐦 Revived Heroes: Fixed an issue where a player could be revived with 0HP after being teleported to a Tumor or Boss fight
  • 🐦 Snakes: Fixed an issue where Snake Nightmares would teleport outside of the Tumor or Grimoire challenges
  • SFX: Fixed an issue where The Pied Piper would whistle after every dash
    Enemies: Fixed an issue where some enemies’ shadows were still displayed a few seconds after they disappeared
  • 🐦 Pigs’ quest: Fixed an issue where resources would still be visible to Peers after the end of the quest
  • 🐦 Lobby: Fixed an issue where players would not see their gametag in the lobby
  • Localization:
    + 🐦 Fixed an issue where the Sandman’s shop was not fully localized in all languages
    + 🐦 Fixed an issue where special Polish characters were not displayed
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