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Reaper 2 SHUNKO + SHINSO + PANTERA Update Log and Patch Notes

The new Roblox Reaper 2 update has been released that brings content, changes, and bug fixes to the game!
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Roblox Reaper 2 has received the new SHUNKO + SHINSO + PANTERA update to the game on January 22nd, 2023! It includes a variety of new content, balancing, and bug fixes that should improve the quality of the game.

A bunch of new codes have been added that will give you some freebies, you can find it on our Reaper 2 Codes page! The below patch notes were released via the official Reaper 2 Discord server, and have been corrected and slightly reformatted.


– SHUNKOS ADDED – “Lightning” and “Wind” which can obtained through speaking to the Shunko trainer as a Prestige 3 Soul Reaper and can be evolved into “Raiju Senkei” and “Mukyu” respectively through Evolution Training with Yoruichi. 

Shunko cannot be used while Vizard, Shikai, and Bankai is active, but increases your Fist’s range and damage in base form and mode.

To activate Raiju Senkei or Mukyu, First complete Evolution Training, then press “K” while your Mode bar is full. +500 HP and +200 Reiatsu on Activation. 

(Shunko will not replace your secondary, you will get a new node for it)

– SHINSO BANKAI – A long range fighting machine that uses a lot of reiatsu to dish out high damage from afar. Proc Kurose off Z or X and then press B to “Kill’em” 

– PANTERA REWORK – A close range fighter that uses desgarron to slice up it’s opponents with high damage strikes. Let out a powerful roar with C to get opponents off you!

– NEW QUINCY GUN SKILL “HOLLOW POINT” – After a delay, fire a large blockable beam that applies knockback and has low endlag. Useful for mid range zoning and mixing up with m2 as it shares a similar aniamtion.

– NEW EXPIEREMENTAL COMBAT MECHANIC “Uptilt” – Hold CTRL during an M1 combo to take the opponent up into the air. Allows you to perform a short air combo as your opponent will be magnetted to you. Your final m1 will automatically perform a downslam. Puts flashstep followup on cd.

Bugs fixed:

– Fixed your secondary’s skill nodes resetting if you selected “No” while rerolling 

– Hopefully fixed rerolling secondary/race giving you the wrong secondary/race than what was listed

– Fixed 2x Soul nodes gamepass incorrectly only giving you one extra node instead of doubling them

– Fixed some skills/skill trees not carrying over to arena/ranked matches causing you to temporarily lose skills 

– Fixed new slots having a bug with their settings that would keep turning off Autoskill after being turned on when they die/reset/rejoin 

– Fixed Wabisuke’s C move (Dominate) not flinging properly

– Fixed Tatarforas’s Grotesque mode not being infinite 

– Fixed Haien not using your reiatsu color if you had the Kido Genius passive from the Kisuke Mentor 

– Fixed fullbringer’s flashstep mode switch not having a cooldown

– Fixed fullbringer’s passive incorrectly doing 30x damage when on low reiatsu (in main game)

– Fixed Kisuke mentor’s accesories/skins

– Fixed Goryutenmetsu being useable by races that weren’t Soul Reapers

– Fixed Yoruichi mentor incorrectly still making your flashstep cost 10 reiatsu instead of 5

– Fixed being able to use attacks during your equip/unequip animations

– Fixed Kyoka Suigetsu’s Z (Hmph) incorrectly having a cd of 5s instead of the intended 25s

– Fixed Kyoka suigetsu’s clones sometimes being active at the same time

– Fixed Nozarashi’s Z sometimes getting stuck in walls 

– Fixed Nozarashi’s Z hitbox being inaccurate

– Fixed Nozarashi’s Z voiding players

– Fixed Wabisuke’s Z sometimes incorrectly stunning opponents, allowing them to still be able to walk around despite being stunned.

– Fixed Wabisuke’s C not knocking back 

– Fixed Harribel’s healthbar not being visible

Balances/Changes –

[Buff] – Hakuda skill “Flying Uppercut” can now get an upgrade that launches opponents into the air and allows you to flashstep followup

[Buff] – Ryodan now cost lowered: 50 -> 25

[Buff] – Sekiro’s hitstun was slightly increased from 0.6s to 0.9s

[Buff] – Sekiro now has iframes until it goes into endlag, which means you actually have to block the attack to punish it now, instead of just grabbing people out of the animation with a move like whirlwind.

[Buff] – Bisect and Ryodan no longer lock eachother out

[Buff] – Arrow Rain and Arrow volley no longer lock eachother out

[Buff] – If your shikai currently does not have a bankai it will recieve a full heal upon transformation instead of healing nothing. (hopefully)

[Buff] – Oukasen now has much less time in which it can be interuppted and should be less punishable on hit

[Nerf] – TVLs now have normal flashstep length instead of Vasto Lorde Sonido length. They also now leave an afterimage while flashstepping just like every other race.


[Buff] – C should now true combo into itself completely

Benihime –

[Nerf] – Benihime’s Bankai claws now have knockback on the final m1 instead of launch, but you can still launch with it’s m1s while in it’s Oscillate (B) form.

Senbonzakura –

[Nerf] – Senbonzakura’s Bankai now has knockback on the final m1

Santa Teresa – 

[Nerf] – Santa Teresa’s Base form greatsword and mode swords now knockback on their final m1 as intended

Harribel –

Notes: Harribel has a much easier time comboing and dishing out damage than diabolus, so it’s m1s took a small nerf.

[Nerf] – Harribel’s vasto lorde m1 buff has been reduced from 30% to 15%

[Fix/Nerf] – Harribel’s X no longer constantly ragdolls you which should help with it voiding players

Quincy –

[Buff] – Quincy’s max hp was increased by 100, making your total HP (with armor) 1300.

[Nerf] – Quincy Gun’s final m1 now has actual endlag

[Buff] – Quincy’s gun can now use arrow volley

[Fix] – Quincy’s gun’s m2 now has an effect

Saber Drain – 

[Nerf] – Knockback increased, hitstun reduced, no longer combo extends

[Nerf] – Cooldown increased by 4s

[Buff] – Now takes 50 reiatsu from the opponent at the end of the attack and gives it to you

Sprenger –

[Buff] – Increased/Fixed stun during the first few hits, so opponents can’t move slightly while being stunned before being stopped

[Change] – Sprenger’s effects actually tween out now, and added a hit sound

Barrier – 

[Fix] – When using the Ricochet upgrade with Bow/Gun’s M2, the 2nd richochetted arrow will no longer ragdoll/knockback, preventing it from voiding people or sending them under the map

[Change] – Made it less blinding (sorry white reiatsu users)

Kisuke Mentor –

[Fix] – Kido Spells now change to your reiatsu color

[Nerf] – Kido spell enhancement changed from 1.1x to 5% (Total increase will all buffs will = 20% increase to kido skills, made it easier to balance)

[Buff] – Kyoka Suigetsu can now use Kisuke mentor’s Kido spell buffs again

[Nerf] – Your bankai’s timer will no longer get extended from Kisuke’s buffs

Goyrutenmetsu –

Notes: Why would any other race be able to use Kido spells

[Fix] – Can no longer be used unless your race is Soul Reaper/Vizard

[Fix/Nerf] – No longer disappears when you flashstep

That’s everything we know about the new update for Roblox Reaper 2. We have more coverage on the game in the Grand Piece Online section of our website.

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