RedDeerGames announces nOS: New Operating System

RedDeerGames has revealed a new indie that imitates a personal computer on your Switch!
Nos New Operating System Image
Image: RedDeerGames

RedDeerGames has just announced nOS: New Operating System, an upcoming puzzle game intended to imitate a personal computer on the Nintendo Switch. A concrete release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it will certainly be available on the Switch. Here’s the new trailer from developer and publisher RedDeerGames’ YouTube channel:

nOS: New Operating System is truly devious, in a special kind of way that’s just bold enough to feel amusing. The context of the game sort of allowed the devs to market it as a totally new operating system for the Nintendo Switch, which is of course ridiculous.

Watching the trailer itself makes it very clear that it’s just an unusual little indie, despite being intercut with familiar stock footage of the console. While some players may simply find this misleading and annoying, it’s also tongue-in-cheek.

Either way, it has undeniably stirred up curiosity, as the trailer is racking up hundreds of views, and probably outpacing most of RedDeerGames’ comparable trailers.

As for the game itself, nOS: New Operating System seems cozy, quirky, and a little underwhelming, given the opportunities set by the marketing ploy. The devs could have leaned into it a little more, even if the To-Do List in the trailer includes “become the very best” as a nod to Pokemon. The line is actually bittersweet now that the anime announced a new series without Ash or Pikachu.

The mechanics of nOS: New Operating System could have broken the fourth wall and toyed with the Nintendo Switch interface, akin to those classic Animator vs. Animation videos on YouTube. Instead, it’s just a false desktop in general, and it’s a shame that this may succeed more as a stunt than a title.

You can read more about nOS: New Operating System, RedDeerGames, and other upcoming Nintendo Switch titles by checking out the rest of our news section!

Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

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