Rivals 2 Introduces New Character Fleet: The Archer of Justice

Rivals 2, the sequel to the hit indie fighting game Rivals of Aether, announces a new character named Fleet, bringing her unique abilities and skills to the battlefield.
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The developers of Rivals 2, formerly known as Rivals of Aether 2, have announced the addition of a new character named Fleet to the game’s roster. Set for release in 2024, Rivals 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the successful indie fighting game, Rivals of Aether.

Fleet, voiced by Faye Mata, is an Archer of Justice who joins the cast of Rivals 2, bringing her impressive sniping, snacking, and aerial abilities to the battlefield. This protagonist from Dungeons of Aether is the self-proclaimed protector of her hometown of Julesvale, although she is often perceived as a clumsy menace rather than a hero.

Fleet’s abilities include the Gem of Wind, which allows her to consume Stamina to power up her bow and trap her opponents in a tornado, Wind Cutter, which creates a wind current followed by a tornado, providing her with extended pressure and combo opportunities, and Pick Pocket, which enables her to regain Stamina by consuming food from the battlefield. Fleet can also knock food out of her opponents with her Pummel Special or toss her own food with her Getup Special.

Rivals 2 takes place in the Aether Universe, where warring civilizations summon the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The game builds on the primary focus of the franchise: platform fighting. Known for its competitive depth and accessible gameplay, Rivals 2 aims to advance both the franchise and the platform fighter genre.

The game introduces new features such as shields, ledges, grabs, and throws, as well as three new special moves: Pummel Special, Ledge Special, and Getup Special. Each of these additions enhances the gameplay experience and expands the character movesets. Rivals 2 is currently available to wishlist on Steam, with fans eagerly anticipating its release.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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