Roblox Anime Champions Simulator Update 1 log and patch notes

Update 1 for Anime Champions Simulator introduces a new world, additional champions, and various gameplay enhancements. The update also brings balance changes and bug fixes.
Roblox Anime Champions Simulator
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The creators of Anime Fighters Simulator have rolled out Update 1 for their latest venture, Anime Champions Simulator. This update brings significant changes to gameplay mechanics, adds new content, and tweaks existing features for an evolved gaming experience. If you need a boost, head over to our Anime Champions Simulator Codes page for some freebies!

One of the major inclusions in this update is the introduction of a new world called Cursed City. Players can now embark on quests and missions in this newly added environment, enriching their intergalactic journey. Cursed City also features a unique machine that players can repair, adding another layer of activity to the world.

Complementing the new world are seven additional champions that players can collect and train. These new characters provide more options for team compositions and strategies, broadening the game’s tactical depth. In addition to this, a new raid has been introduced, offering more challenges and potentially greater rewards for the players.

A notable feature is the skin reforging mechanism. Players can now destroy skins in their inventory to collect scrap, which can then be used to reroll effects on existing skins. This provides an avenue for players to customize their champions further. Moreover, the game has added a gifting option, allowing players to gift game passes or make other in-game purchases using Robux.

The update also revamps the user interface for premium orbs. Players can now see the planet associated with each orb’s drop chance and can opt to purchase in multiples of three or ten right from the interface. The newly added quirk auras further enhance the aesthetic aspect of the game.

Balancing forms a considerable part of this update. Various champions and abilities have undergone changes to make gameplay more equitable. For example, each champion can now contribute to harmony once, and the bonuses from harmony have been buffed. However, the godly damage bonus has been reduced to +20%. Additionally, the limit on reroll medals is now set at 10,000, and medals will now only drop from bosses and chests in raids. Affixes and raid chests have also been balanced to ensure a more streamlined experience.

Several bug fixes accompany these new features and adjustments. Issues regarding fractional drops multipliers and damage from upgrades have been addressed. Furthermore, a fix for the dataloss bug has been implemented, as well as adjustments ensuring that cosmic skins can now properly drop from raids.

Here’s the full list of changes from the official Discord server:

  • New world: Cursed City!
  • 7 new champions!
  • New raid!
  • Skin reforging!
  • Repair the machine in Cursed City!
  • Collect scrap by destroying skins in your inventory. Spend scrap to reroll effects on skins!
  • Gifting!
  • Gift gamepasses or other robux purchases! Added quirk auras!
  • New premium orb UI!
  • Shows The Planet with chance.
  • Purchase x3 & x10 from the UI!
  • Balance Changes
  • Cosmics buffed
  • 10k limit on reroll medals.
  • Each champion can contribute to harmony once.
  • Harmony bonuses buffed.
  • Godly damage bonus reduced to +20%.
  • Affixes balanced
  • Raid chests buffed
  • Medals only drop from bosses & chests in raids
  • Bugfixes
  • Fractional Drops multiplier works
  • Damage from upgrades works
  • Fixed dataloss bug
  • Cosmic skins drop from raids
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