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Roblox breaks user records again on Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Roblox has broken another concurrent users records on the weekend, but quickly succumbed to server issues shortly afterwards.
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Roblox has managed to break their concurrent user record again on the weekend of February 4th, 2023 after having previously broken it the week before. This time they reached 9.3 million users on the platform before having server issues and crumbling under the load. While the weekly increase in players is something to celebrate for Roblox, they will need to figure out a way to keep their system up so players don’t look elsewhere for entertainment.

Roblox has unfortunately been making a habit of breaking under the weight of player surges on Saturdays and Sundays, when games receive major updates and extra players due to the weekend. This time it appears two separate games (Pet Simulator X and Brookhaven RP) reached over 1 million players on at one time, which obviously contributed to the strain.

RoMonitor, which unofficially tracks the stats of the platform, recorded this benchmark prior to the crash. According to the site, this is the largest amount of concurrent users on Roblox in the last year.

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Image: RoMonitor Stats

The platform continues to build on its success, but finds itself unable to have an answer to server issues. This is obviously frustrating for players and developers alike. Devs on the platform make their most money on the weekends, and every second that Roblox is down is costing them potential purchase in their games. We’ll see if the platform can find a way to manage the load in the future, or we will be back here again next weekend.

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  1. Mia

    Roblox is back up and running

  2. Mia

    Club roblox is the only game working on roblox

    1. Maxine

      yes cuz bearly anyone plays club roblox

  3. Lulu Linen

    Lets hope that Roblox developers will figure this out quickly! 🙂

  4. DrivinDude

    I have been trying to play Horrific Housing for about 1 or 2 hours yet it refuses to work >:(

  5. Jay

    Me and my friend have been trying a lot of games to join, but none have let us join. We’ve tried for over an hour. We’ve only been able to play ‘Spinner’, about over 5 hours ago, and just played Bloxburg for almost 30 minutes. So let’s hope Roblox will figure this issue you out! 🙂

  6. Adrian Chan

    Doors is completely broken.Me and my friend got kicked at about 4:55pm GMT.It’s currently still down and all games are broken.It needs to be fixed.

    1. catlilio123

      same i tried with my sister

    2. Real_QuandaleDingle

      Me and my brother tried apeirophobia and got kicked out due to “unexpected client behavior” at about 10:37 PST.

  7. Sharksfor1Yt

    My Roblox IS Broken by having problems with games when I join

  8. Real_QuandaleDingle

    I’m on the West coast in Chehalis/Centralia and the servers are still not up but my friend in Virginia Beach is able to play. How?

  9. lia

    its rlly annoying im waiting for almost 2hrs and i still cant join any game bc so many ppl are playing pet simulator and they still keep joining this game BRUH. Its so annoying.

  10. Shaun Savage (Admin)

    Roblox should be able to handle the players, it’s not Pet Simulator x’s fault.

    1. Tasty

      PSX choosing to update on Saturday rather than during the week when kids are in school is not Roblox fault.

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        Most games update on the weekend because people are off of school. Roblox knows it’s an issue and it’s on them to fix it.

  11. Lily donahue

    I got in to find the Simpson’s 241 and played but got disconnected but my friend can’t get in at all pls hurry to fix it

  12. Giuseppe

    Hello. my roblox its still broken for shotrly. its going to return shotrly. quickly, you need fix all players to help them. can you fix it?

    1. Heyyyy

      Yessss plsssss I am so madddd

    2. Lia

      frrr plsss cause its getting MORE annoying

  13. immy

    why is roblox down? its always happening but i was on roblox with my best friend on brookhaven and the floor was white, it started lagging really bad and not letting us put clothes on/changing our clothes and then it kicked us off the game and all of my roblox friends are online but not playing a game, we have tried to join any game. my friend joined a game again but it kicked her off after 30 seconds. Everytime we tried going on the profile of the game instead of the play button comming it would say smth else.

    1. immy

      this is the same comment, we played for 5 mins and then did the same thing and everything is down again ;(