Roblox Combat Warriors Update 3 Log & Patch Notes

Roblox Combat Warriors' Update 3 brings an array of new elements, from remade animations and new maps to the addition of new weapons, skins, auras, emotes, and significant game improvements.
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Fans of Roblox Combat Warriors, the popular melee/ranged weapon fighting game inspired by Blood Flow and Criminality, are in for a treat. The recent unveiling of Update 3 introduces a host of new content and improvements that promise to enhance the gaming experience. If any freebies for the update become available, you can find them on our Combat Warriors Codes page.

A standout feature in the update is the remade slash animations for all melee weapons. This overhaul ensures smoother, more realistic combat, enriching the game’s appeal to those who favor hand-to-hand combat. Alongside this significant change, the update brings two new maps: the 2000s Archive and the Enchanted Forest, extending the battlegrounds where players can test their mettle. As part of the update, several maps have also been removed from the Free-For-All map pool.

Weapons have always been a key aspect of Combat Warriors, and Update 3 doesn’t disappoint in this respect. It introduces new weapons, including the light Leviathan Axe and the light Flail. Additionally, it revamps the animations for the Triple Katanas set and the finish animation for the Sabre, enhancing the visual experience during combat.

To celebrate victories with style, new kill effects have been added. Players can now choose from Ban Hammer, Sorrow Scythe, Classic Spike Trap, Cosmic Strike, Game Over, Heartbreak, and Shadow Tendrils, among others, to mark their combat achievements. Accompanying these kill effects are new character bundles: Blood Knight, Skeletal, Oni Assassin, and Rogue Knight, each offering unique aesthetics for players.

Further contributing to character customization, the update brings new character auras, including Chain Fire, Shadow Tendrils, Raven, Cosmic Shield, and Love. These auras, combined with new enchants like Rainbow Lightning, Optical Mirror, Golden Shimmer, Cosmic Shield, and Love, offer players additional opportunities for character customization.

Protective gear also gets a revamp with the introduction of new parry shields – Forcefield, Bubble, and Cosmic Shield, the latter coming in two color variants. New skins, such as eight color variants of Forcefield Skins, Shungite, and Neon Pink, have also been added.

The fun continues with new emotes – Nikki, TPose, Cat, Koyomi, Goopie, and 2008 – that bring additional expressions to player characters. These come with new emote icons including AltF4, You’re Stupid, Huh, and Facepalm, enhancing the interactive experience in the game.

Players will also appreciate the addition of gifting purchases, limited offers for first purchases, more UGC rewards, and exclusive donation rewards. On the skill front, Stab Dash and Jump Attack have been given visualizations and remade animations, making these movements clearer and more impactful. The Stab Dash also has a new 0.33s minimum buildup, adding a strategic element to its use.

Another major aspect of Update 3 is the revamp of the leaderboards. They now include a Robux Spent leaderboard and Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All-Time sections for each leaderboard, adding a new layer of competitiveness among players.

For those who prefer ranged combat, the update improves the first-person viewmodel for ranged weapons, providing a more immersive combat experience. The melee hitboxes have also been significantly expanded horizontally.

The announcement of unboxing Exotic+ items from Daily Spins or Cases will now be global across all servers, adding to the excitement of obtaining rare items

Here’s a look at the official patch notes from the Discord:

Remade All Melee Slash Animations

New Maps

  • 2000s Archive
  • Enchanted Forest
  • (Also removed some maps from the FFA map pool)

New Weapons

  • Leviathan Axe (Light)
  • Flail (Light)

Remade Melee Animations

  • Triple Katanas (Whole Set)
  • Sabre (Finish)

New Kill Effects

  • Ban Hammer
  • Sorrow Scythe
  • Classic Spike Trap
  • Cosmic Strike
  • Game Over
  • Heartbreak
  • Shadow Tendrils

New Bundles

  • Blood Knight
  • Skeletal
  • Oni Assassin
  • Rogue Knight

New Character Auras

  • Chain Fire
  • Shadow Tendrils
  • Raven
  • Cosmic Shield
  • Love

New Enchants

  • Rainbow Lightning
  • Optical Mirror
  • Golden Shimmer
  • Cosmic Shield
  • Love

New Parry Shields

  • Forcefield
  • Bubble
  • Cosmic Shield (2 color variants)

New Skins

  • Forcefield Skins (8 color variants)
  • Shungite
  • Neon Pink

New Emotes

  • Nikki
  • TPose
  • Cat
  • Koyomi
  • Goopie
  • 2008

New Emote Icons

  • AltF4
  • You’re Stupid
  • Huh
  • Facepalm

Added Gifting Purchases

Added Limited Offers for First Purchases

Added More UGC rewards

Added Exclusive Donation Rewards

Skill Improvements

  • Stab Dash and Jump Attack now have visualizations
  • Stab Dash and Jump Attack Animations remade
  • Stab Dash now has 0.33s minimum buildup

Leaderboards Revamped

  • Added Robux Spent leaderboard
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/All-Time sections for each leaderboard

First Person Viewmodel Improved for Ranged Weapons


  • Melee hitboxes significantly expanded horizontally
  • Unboxing Exotic+ items from Daily Spins or Cases will be announced globally across all servers
  • Purchased Global Chats are now significantly bigger
  • Added /changeTeamName command for private servers
  • Added settings to remove Crosshair lines
  • Added 3D case opening animation when unboxing
  • Swimming improvements (fixed clipping + springy enters)
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