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Roblox Error Code: 529 on January 28th, 2023

Roblox is experiencing some technical difficulties and not allowing players to enter into experiences on January 28th, 2023!
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Roblox is a platform that has a fair amount of struggles with staying online for long periods of time. It seems like almost once a week there is some kind of issue with connectivity or the servers going down. Thankfully, it is usually only down for a few hours while the developers figure out the issue. Hopefully the problems happening on January 28th, 2023 will be resolved fast.

Update: Looks like the servers are back up and you can play again!

As of right now, it’s unclear what the issue is exactly. When we went to a game, we got the following error message:

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. (Error Code: 529)

Outages have been happening fairly often on Saturdays due to players being home from work and school, plus major games like Pet Simulator X receiving updates. There’s not much you can do other than just wait for the developers at Roblox to handle the issue.

The Roblox Status page has now recognized the outage, and are working on a fix. While you wait for the return of the platform, head to our Gaming News section and read up on what’s been going on with Roblox and other games!

When Roblox is experiencing issues, it is always best to just not play any game where you are concerned about information being saved. You will also want to avoid spending any Robux, just in case something happens with your transaction. If you must play during issues, play something just for fun!

If you want to stay updated on what’s going on with Roblox, just keep an eye on the Roblox Status page which gets updated whenever there’s an issue with the platform. This is always a good place to check first if you’re having problems accessing Roblox!

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  1. Amy

    i was playing doors and i was at door 50 and then i got the error 259 and i though NOOOO NOT AGAIN so i went to check it here

  2. rummboy_src

    well its back up but i didnt know it was every weekend dang

  3. ben

    I hope it’s back up soon

  4. Kapkaboom

    make roblox in local servers like inside ur computer for every single player and connect these servers to small other servers big enough to handle especific games

  5. Markersaregolden

    i was playing Blox Fruits and i got the error code i didnt knew what to do so i went to google and i saw this page.
    Thank you, From @Markersaregolden

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No problem!

      1. Rain368259

        Well for some people it is

  6. ColoradoGamer7473

    Seeing same 529 error on both PC and Android on 28 Jan

  7. i_likeroblox

    why does roblox have this error? like i wanted to play slap battles and i seen this. screw it.

  8. qdeezy

    I’m Basically getting the same thing on my Xbox but it’s actually error code 110

  9. Nick

    Crazy how a multi-billion dollar company can’t figure out how a childs game crashed

  10. floppysans

    its because of pet sim x it got like a million people leaving and joining and it crashed servers

  11. Ava

    im trying to play bloxburg to build a house but it doesnt let me and said error code 529

  12. Georgie

    Yes thank you I was wondering why it wouldn’t let me go on any games with the code:529

  13. rosie_urfavgirl99

    It says it’s having technical difficulties and I really want to play

  14. Whydoyouwanttoknowmyrealname?

    Well thank you so much for explaining this when I went to Roblox and was trying to play Evade it says “We are experiencing technical difficulty’s code:blah blah
    And I was very sad so I went to search the problem and thankfully I found this website!
    So again thank you for explaining this issue going on in Roblox!

  15. Soso

    Man I can’t play hello kitty cafe 🙁

  16. Cathy

    I hope it gets fixed soon

  17. Seraphim M

    A few seconds ago it now says active incident on roblox status.