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Roblox Islands Slime King update is now live!

Islands has just released a large update that brings the Slime King boss and seasons to the game!
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Roblox Islands got a brand new update that brings the treacherous Slime King to the game! There’s also now seasons, which will add some more flavor to Islands. Trees and grass change will change with each season, so your island will look different during each one. You can now find farm merchants during these season, and they will sell you special items. There’s the Radish crop which is only growable during spring, and the Pumpkin crop which is only growable during fall!

This boss is similar to Kor, which you fought to obtain diamonds. The Slime King boss, however, is a lot easier and easy to access. Just head to Slime Island and you will see pillars that you can go between which allow you to summon it. The Slime King will drop sticky gear items, including the pink stick gear rarely. The boss is pretty easy, particularly if you have high combat and the Rageblade.

You can find the official update notes below!

Slime King boss added to Slime Island
Seasons! Each IRL day marks the start of a new season
The appearance of trees and grass change during each season
Farmer merchants now visit your island during certain seasons to sell special items
Radish crop (only growable during spring)
Pumpkin crop (only growable during fall)
The baker has all sell offers
Settings menu
Island wind effects during certain seasons
Added shadows to all blocks (can be disabled in settings)
You can now disable friend-join and invite notifications in settings
Music volume can be adjusted in settings
Item tooltips are now visible in the animal inspect menu

From the Islands Discord

That’s everything you need to know about the Islands update! If you want to play the game for yourself, you can play the game via the Roblox website.

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