Roblox King Legacy update 3.5 patch notes released

Roblox King Legacy has just dropped their big new 3.5 update that brings a bunch of new content, revamps, and changes to the game!
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Roblox King Legacy has just releases its 3.5 update on April 15th, 2022! This patch brings two new legendary swords, accessories, and awakening fruits. You will also find Night Blade V2 progression, and a new tier of items called, Collectibles. There is many more content additions, revamps, and changes added to the game, which you will find in the official patch notes below.

If any new freebies are added, you will find them on our King Legacy Codes page! The following details come from the official King Legacy Discord and have been slightly reformatted.

New Content

  • Added 2 New Legendary Swords
  • Added 2 New Accessories
  • Added 2 Awakening fruits
  • Added Night Blade V2 Progression
  • Added new tier of items called “Collectibles ” these item in this tier are beyond limited these are Items that was obtainable but it wasn’t anymore and it won’t come back (such as Xmas blade)
  • Added enable/disable for multiple texts display in setting (Ex Dodge Text Combo Text Jump Text)
  • Added NPC for Conqueror Colors random and Sea king also has a low chance of giving you an access colors randomize at this NPC
  • Added a new secret dragon colors/skins
  • New dying effects for both players and mobs
  • Changed texts for reward
  • Awakened moves now has officially names for them once u got them awakened and equipped
  • You can see the exact amount of gems/money$ by hovering your mouse around the text
  • Made it so you can’t aim your skills through walls anymore
  • Legacy Pose now have an animation display when equipping
  • Changed King Samurai spawn time from 3-4 Hours to every 2 Hours
  • You won’t get the same colors/skins from dragon appearance random anymore
  • Spirit Fruit price decreased from 3000R$ => 2250 R$ Also changes the tier from Legendary to Epic
  • There will be more alert messages such as when you awakened power, level up, received an items

Revamps & Changes

  • New Level Requirement to go Second Sea 1500 => 2250
  • Bubble (Bullitus) will automatically exploded if you used fly, transformation, teleport moves
  • Gum flight speed now scale with health like other flight (the lower you are the low speed you’ll be)
  • Buffed rumble dmg all skills
  • Revamped Dragon fruit moves Z,X,C,B
  • Revamped Cookie Sword Z move
  • Revamped Hell Sword
  • Changed effect on Z move and also buffed the range
  • X Move buffed speed and buffed the range this move will do 10 hits to your opponent the last hit(10th) will be a critical hit
  • Reworked Conqueror
  • Changed the effect
  • There are now different colors of Conqueror (if you have Conqueror once you joined the game you’ll get a random colors)
  • Conqueror will now only stuns your opponent if their levels are lower than yours for 5 seconds and it won’t stun someone with the same levels as you are
  • Dash effect revamped
  • Reworked mobile shift lock
  • Reworked Mobile buttons (Observation ,Armament ,Conquer ,Dash ,Run ,Teleport)
  • Revamped some Bosses ,Mobs animation in first sea
  • Reworked the menu section and also added a key binds to close/open the menu by pressing “M” and trading/setting buttons got moved to the menu
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