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Roblox Piggy is arriving on Steam as Piggy: Hunt!

The popular Piggy game from Roblox is expanding outward to Steam with the new game Piggy Hunt that will be available in August 2021!
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In a bit of a surprise move, it looks like MiniToon is bringing the Piggy universe from Roblox to the Steam platform. The new game is called Piggy Hunt, and it will be releasing in early access in August 2021 on Steam!

The game appears to be quite similar to the Piggy from Roblox, however, the perspective is different and will be from a more top down isometric view rather than third person. You will be completing tasks like before, but there will be other game modes to play. It appears to be a bit of a mix of Among Us and Piggy thrown together.

From what it sounds like, this game is not developed by MiniToon themselves. It has a different developer, but MiniToon will be contributing to the story. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to play the Steam game, because MiniToon will still be working on the Roblox version.

I’ll still be working just as hard on the Roblox Piggy game, but I’ll also be helping out with the story of this one!

MiniToon’s Twitter

The game will likely be free eventually, but it will cost a few dollars to get into the early access according to MiniToon:

This is the plan from what I understand (may change); it’ll cost a few dollars on Steam for early access, and if it comes to mobile it’ll be free with ads (but those who got it on Steam will have exclusive stuff)!

MiniToon’s Twitter

Official Description of Piggy: Hunt

“The PIGGY universe expands with PIGGY: HUNT, a multiplayer adventure where survivors team up to escape the wrath of the Infected, the monstrosity trying to hunt them down.

Survivors: complete tasks, solve puzzles, find and use tools to help one another survive and escape!

Infected: use traps and all of your senses to hunt down the Survivors!


Fast-paced fun for up to 6 players; more players available with custom-game mode!
Highly customizable characters, weapons, and items.
Use custom-game mode to create endless playable options.
3 House maps to play, each with different mechanics to win.
Officially licensed game from MiniToon.

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