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Roblox Project XL All Devil Fruits

We're taking a look at all of the available Devil Fruits in Roblox Project XL. If you want to become a powerful character in the game, you're going to need to know your fruit!
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If you’ve just jumped into Project XL, then you’ve no doubt started your attacking of various dummies in the game. Well, if you want to grind your way to higher levels, then you’re going to need to get yourself some Fruits! These are what give you different powers in the game. Some are rare than others, and the higher rarity fruit have additional powers.

Devil Fruit can be found around trees in the game. You will need to travel around the map looking for spawns and hoping for rare fruit. If you find a fruit and don’t know what it is, you can hold it in your hand and go into the Stats menu. Tap on one of the empty Item Storage slots and it will show you the name of it!

You will know if you’ve gotten a more powerful fruit if it has four moves. Common rarity fruit has two moves, uncommon has three, and rare ones have four.

If you’re looking to strengthen your character, then be sure to check out our Project XL Codes page which will get you some free mastery that you can use to level up your fruit!

Project XL Devil Fruits List

Here’s a list of all of the currently known Devil Fruit in the game. If we’re missing any, please let me know in the comments.

  • Yami Yami no mi (NEW)
  • Blaze (Common)
  • Cremation
  • Doa Doa no mi
  • Electrification
  • Fire Breath (Common)
  • Goro Goro no mi
  • Gura Gura no mi
  • Kage Kage no mi
  • Mera Mera no mi
  • Moku Moku no mi
  • Pika Pika no mi
  • Sleep-Inducing Gas (Common)
  • Suke Suke no mi
  • Voice

If you’re curious what moves each of these has and what they look like then here’s a good video showing them off:

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