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Roblox Promo Codes List (December 2021) – New & Not Expired!

Take a look at all of the currently available and new promo codes for Roblox that will get you free items for your avatar!

If you’re looking to get some free items and not pay any money at all for them, then you’ve come to the right place! We have all of the currently not expired Roblox Promo codes that will get you a bunch of cool Avatar items in Roblox. These items will be yours for as long as you keep your account, so you can wear them with any outfit you want!

I highly recommend that you bookmark this page and come back often! We will be updating it as soon as a new code has been revealed and feature it on our list. These codes do not always last for very long, so you will want to make sure to redeem them as soon as possible!

There will likely never be codes that will give out Robux. However, there are some ways to get them without having to pay. Check out our how to get free Robux post for more details on these methods.

If you want even more free stuff, be sure to check out our Anime Training Simulator Codes, Slayers Unleashed Codes, and All Star Tower Defense Codes pages!

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Recently Added Free Items

Below you will find all of the recently released free items for your Roblox avatar that have been released. They aren’t all promo codes, some of them you just need to visit the item page to collect. Make sure to grab any item that comes out as soon as possible, because there’s a chance that it will expire fast!

Be sure to check out our Roblox game codes page for free stuff for all sorts of Roblox games!

NEW: BFC Gold Opera Glasses

Get the BFC Gold Opera Glasses for your avatar for free by completing the quests in The Fashion Awards 2021 experience. You can check out this video to see how to complete the tasks!

NEW: White Flamingo Fedora Code

Get the new White Flamingo Fedora by redeeming the “MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021” code on the Roblox Promo Code Redemption page!

NFL Helmet

Get a free NFL Helmet for your Roblox Avatar by just entering into the NFL Shop Roblox experience. When you join into the game, you should receive a badge. This will signify that you have received the item!

Crown of Electrifying Guitars Code

Get the new Crown of Electrifying Guitars by redeeming the “ROSSMANNCROWN2021” code on the Roblox Promo Code Redemption page!

Current List of All Roblox Promo Codes

More Free Items

There’s even more items that you can get that are available by playing games and completing quests to get. These are all listed below.

Free Nike Items

You can get two free Nike items by heading into the NIKELAND Roblox game! Once inside the game, use the teleport button to get to the Lobby. Then locate the Showroom, which is a red building with a holographic shoe over it. If you can’t find it, follow this video. Go inside and look for the mannequin with the Nike hat on. Inspect it and hit the collect button to receive the Nike Pro Cap and the Nike Elemental Backpack!

Free Avatar Bundles

Six avatar bundles are now available for free for all Roblox players. These were initially only available for Xbox, but now you can get them on any platform. Just click the links below and hit the big green get button to be able to use them!

Tai Verdes Concert Experience Items

There are three new items that you can get for free for your avatar by heading to the new Tai Verdes Concert Experience. Just hop into the game and press the shopping cart button on the side of the screen. You will see three free items at the top of the menu that you just need to click on the buy now button to get for free!

Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard

You can get this free item by heading to the Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard Roblox item page and hitting the big green Get button! It’s a neck accessory that you can wear on your avatar.

Free Chipotle Items

There are multiple free Roblox Chipotle avatar items that you can get for free by reaching the center of the maze in the Chipotle Boorito Maze game. You can watch this video for tips on how to solve the maze. Here are the ones that will be available:

Neon Devil Headphones & More!

You can get the Neon Devil Headphones and many other items by participating in the LuoBu Transformation Night game. To learn how to get these, check out this video by DeeterPlays.

Owl Mask

A new event game has been released! You will get the Owl Mask avatar item for free if you head into the Insomniac World Party game and talk to the Pasquale Rotella NPC that is right near where you spawn!

Two Lil Nas X Items

You can get two free Lil Nas X items just by heading to the Roblox Avatar Shop and grabbing them! Here are the two items you can get:

Pro Gamer Backpack

If you’re a Verizon Up subscriber, you can get this Pro Gamer Backpack item for your avatar! If you aren’t sure how to do it, check out this video by DeeterPlays.

More LUOBU Items

Another set of Roblox avatar items can be obtained by completing tasks in a Lubou game. This time the game is translated at Bump World: Free Jungle. There’s four things to get, and to get them you just need to go around the map collecting these little robot rabbit figures. They don’t all the look the same, they are sparkly robots.

They are scattered across the map, you can find them spawning in the same spots repeatedly or you can explore and complete the obby games that are in the sky area. If you can gather a bunch of these, you can turn them in for the following rewards:

For more details on this, check out this video by DeeterPlays.

Chinese Traditional White Shirt and Pants

There are four clothing items that you can also get from the Luobu 抓兔子大PK Game in Roblox. These are two shirts and pants for men/women or however you want to mix and match them. You can see a tutorial on how to get these in this video by SharkBlox.

Here are the listings on Roblox:

Mr. Moon with its Bunny Hat

You can get the Mr. Moon with its Bunny Hat item for your avatar by playing some mini-games in the Luobu 抓兔子大PK Game in Roblox! Check out this video by DeeterPlays on how to get it!

Yellow Bandito Bandana & Icy Sai

The final two items of the Twenty One Pilots Event have been released, and you can get the Yellow Bandito Bandana by completing the quest in the game, Creatures of Sonaria. To get the Icy Sai, you will need to get all three items that are available from the event. These are the Car Radio Ski Mask, Red Blurryface Beanie, and Yellow Bandito Bandana. You will find details about these further down in the post. To get the bandana, check out this video by Conor3D.

Free Luobu Music Items

Get three new items by just heading to their Roblox item pages and hitting the big green GET button. These are being released in celebration of the Luobu Music Launch Party Event!

Red Blurryface Beanie

You can get the Red Blurryface Beanie for free by completing a quest in the game World // Zero! Check out this video by Premiumsalad if you want a tutorial on how to complete the quest.

Car Radio Ski Mask

You can get the Car Radio Ski Mask for free by completing a quest in the game Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands! Just head into the game, and select the Twenty One Pilots Event option from the main menu. Go through and do the quest, and you will earn the item for free! Check out this video by Premiumsalad if you want a tutorial on how to complete the quest.

Twenty One Pilots Flag

You can get the Twenty One Pilots Flag back accessory by collecting tokens within the Twenty Pilots Concert Experience game. You can find a guide to all of the locations in this Premiumsalad video.

Bandito Army Jacket – Twenty One Pilots

The Twenty One Pilots event is coming up soon, and to celebrate it you are getting a free Avatar item! Just head to the Bandito Army Jacket Roblox page and hit the big green Get button to receive it for free!

Bakugan – Drago Companion

You can get the Bakugan – Drago Shoulder Companion just by entering into the Official Bakugan Launch Party experience in Roblox. Once you load up the game and go through a couple of menus, you will receive the item, and it will be available in your Roblox Avatar menu!

Vans Event

An event promoting Vans has gone live in Roblox and you can get a free item for visiting the new game! Head to the Vans World experience on Roblox, and find the Vans Apparel shop. In the middle of the room there will be an item that you can obtain for free by interacting with it.

If you’ve missed any of these items, it appears they will be rotating through in order of how they were released again. Make sure to check each day for which one is available!

Roblox Classic Cap

Roblox has introduced the new Roblox Community Space experience which you can try out the new proximity voice chat feature. Another benefit of this experience is that you can get a free avatar item. To get the Roblox Classic Cap, you need to complete three tasks:

  • Put up some artwork
  • Visit the games area
  • Take a photo

To put up some artwork, go outside and look for the chalkboards. Get close to one, click on the paint brush, and apply a piece of art. The games area is found indoors, in the room next to the lounge area. Finally, to take a photo go outside and find the Photo Booth which is close to the big Roblox statue. Click the photo button to take a selfie. After you’ve completed all three of those tasks, click the tasks button at the top left of the screen and click the “Claim Your Prize!” button.

Kid Nezha Bundle

Another item has been added in for free to the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt Roblox game! Just enter into the game and look for the statue of Kid Nezha and touch it. Once you get close enough to it, you will be granted the Kid Nezha bundle for your avatar!

Monkey Safari Hat

If you have an Amazon device, you can get the Roblox Monkey Safari Hat for free by using that device. If not, you can follow this video below that will walk you through the steps to get it.

Head Blooming Flower & Forest Elf/Nova Bundles

You can get three new items for your avatar by playing the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game in Roblox. This includes the Head Blooming Flower, Forest Elf Bundle, and Nova the Galaxy Scientist Bundle. To get these items, you will need to collect boxes in the game. To learn how to find all of those boxes, check out this video!

KSI Golden Headphones & AOTP Hat

To get the free Roblox items from KSI, all you need to do is head to the AOTP Hat and Golden Headphones item areas on Roblox. Once you’ve arrived at each page, just click on the big green “Get” button on the page. You can then navigate to the avatar section of Roblox and equip your new items!

Mech Wings (iOS Only!)

If you have an iOS device (Apple iPhone, iPad, etc.) then you can login to Roblox on it and get the Mech Wings by following this LINK and hitting the green GET button!

Free Nerf Items

Head into the new Nerf Hub and collect two free avatar items! You can get the Dart Cap by using the Claw Machine and you can get the Dart Glasses by playing a round at the Practice Range!

Stranger Things Items

To get Dustin’s Hat for free, all you need to do is enter into the Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall game. You will be rewarded the hat as soon as the game loads. You will find it in the avatar section of Roblox!

There are other avatar items in the game that you can get, but you need to earn in-game coins. Go to each of the Stranger Things characters: Will, Eleven, Lucas, and Steve. Play each one of their games at least once to open up the Costume Store and the Accessories Shop on the first floor. You have to play the game all the way through, you can’t surrender midway through.

Each costume and item will cost you a certain amount of coins. Accessories are 1,100 – 1,600 Star Coins, and costumes range from 2,400 to 3,800 Star Coins. Star Coins can be obtained by playing all of the mini-games over and over, plus you can complete the daily quest each day. You can purchase each item with Robux if you really want it.

Bloxy Awards 2021 Items

You can get seven free items by completing some pretty simple tasks in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game! There’s the Construction Outfit (it includes the Bloxy Builder’s Helmet, Construction Outfit Shirt, and Construction Outfit Pants), Imagination Core, Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack, Award-Winning Smile, and the JParty Plushie! You can find out where to get these items in our How-to get all of the Bloxy Awards 2021 items post!

Royal Blood Beanie

Royal Blood, the English rock duo, is performing at the 2021 Bloxys and have some merchandise that you can purchase. Along with this batch of items is the free Royal Blood Beanie that you can obtain by going to this LINK.

Fan Hand Sign – Why Don’t We

Why Don’t We, a well-known boy band, is having an album launch party in Roblox soon. To promote this event, Roblox is giving away this Fan Hand Sign item that just requires you to head to this LINK and collect it!

Happy New Year Ox

The Happy New Year Ox is a free item that was given out by Roblox to celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2021! This is a shoulder pet, so if you find that you’d like a friend to take into games that will help give you advice, then this Ox will be happy to accompany you! All you need to do is head to this LINK and press the big green get button to receive it!

Wonder Woman Items

This is kind of a fun one, especially if you’re a big fan of the Wonder Woman DC franchise! You can head into the Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience game and earn coins to purchase items. There’s a bunch of different armors, hair, weapons, and other accessories that can be obtained. You can complete quests around the island to earn coins, which can then be used to purchase the items in the store! There’s some pretty good stuff in the game, so it’s worth spending some time completing all the quests to grabbing your favorites!

Shield of the Sentinel

The Shield of the Sentinel is a really nice back accessory that you can get just by answering some questions in a game. The game is called Beat the Scammers, and all it requires you to do is run around and answer 10 different questions correctly. Try to read the questions and understand them all, because they teach you some valuable lessons about avoiding scams in Roblox!

Code Gallery

If you’re curious what the items look like that you can get with the codes then you will find them all shown below.

Economy Team Cap

Get the new Economy Team Cap by redeeming the “ECONOMYEVENT2021” code on the Roblox Promo Code Redemption page!

Peppermint Hat

Get the new Peppermint Hat by redeeming the “TARGETMINTHAT2021” code on the Roblox Promo Code Redemption page!

Snow Friend

You can use the promo code “AMAZONFRIEND2021” without the quotes on the official promo code redemption page to get yourself the free Snow Friend shoulder accessory!

King Tab Hat

The King Tab Hat can be obtained by redeeming the SMYTHSCAT2021 code on the official Roblox code redemption site.

Ghastly Aura

The Ghastly Aura can be obtained by redeeming the ThingsGoBoom code in the Mansion of Wonder game.

Tomes of the Magus

The Tomes of the Magus can be obtained by redeeming the ParticleWizard code in the Mansion of Wonder game.

Artist Backpack

The Artist Backpack can be obtained by redeeming the FXArtist code in the Mansion of Wonder game.

Ring of Flames

The Ring of Flames can be obtained by redeeming the Boardwalk code in the Mansion of Wonder game.

Dev Deck

The Dev Deck can be obtained by redeeming the ROBLOXEDU2021 code on the official Roblox code redemption site.

Hustle Hat

Roblox Hustle Hat head accessory

The Hustle Hat can be obtained by redeeming the StrikeAPose code in the Island of Move game. It’s a pretty average looking hat with the Build It, Play It logo on it. This is Roblox’s new way to teach players how to make their own games!

Build it Backpack

Roblox Build It Backpack back accessory

The Build it Backpack can be obtained by redeeming the SettingTheStage code in the Island of Move game. It’s pretty similar to the Hustle Hat, but obviously you can wear it on your back!

Kinetic Staff

Roblox Kinetic Staff back accessory

The Kinetic Staff can be obtained by redeeming the DIY code in the Island of Move game. This item is a bit unique, and it would be pretty cool if you could swing it around, but unfortunately it’s just for attaching to your back. It’s a pretty nice piece though, and shows people that you mean business!

Crystalline Companion

Roblox Crystalline Companion shoulder accessory

The Crystalline Companion can be obtained by redeeming the WorldAlive code in the Island of Move game. The staff and companion have similar styles. They look almost futuristic, but have some old world charm to them. This little guy will sit on your shoulder and keep you company while you play a game!

Speedy Shades

Roblox Speedy Shades face accessory

The Speedy Shades can be obtained by redeeming the GetMoving code in the Island of Move game. These might be the best item from the Build It, Play It bunch. Who doesn’t love themselves some stylish sunglasses?

Cardio Cans

Roblox Cardio Cans head accessory

The Cardio Cans can be obtained by redeeming the VictoryLap code in the Island of Move game. This is another popular item that you can get from the Build It, Play It series. If you are a fan of purple, then these give you some great color in your next outfit!

Spider Cola

Roblox Spider Cola shoulder accessory

Spider Cola can be obtained by redeeming the SPIDERCOLA code on the official Roblox code redemption site. Well, if you want a can of Bloxy cola in robotic spider form to sit on your shoulder, then this is the item you’ll want for yourself!

The Bird Says____.

Roblox The Bird Says____. shoulder accessory

The Bird Says____. can be obtained by redeeming the TWEETROBLOX code on the official Roblox code redemption site. This is code has been around since 2015, and was given out as a gift to Roblox’s Twitter followers.

Roblox Promo Codes FAQ

How to use promo codes in Roblox?

For most promo codes, you will redeem by visiting the official Roblox redemption page. Make sure you are logged into your account, then copy one of the codes from our list. Paste that code into the textbox that is shown underneath the “Enter Your Code” text. Click or tap on the Redeem button and you will be given your reward. You can now head to the Avatar or Inventory sections of the site to view or wear your new item!

How to use codes in Island of Move?

To redeem codes in the game of Island of Move, you just need to enter into the game and head over to the robot that has the word PLAY IT! hovering over it. When you get close enough, you’ll get a “Click to Interact” prompt that you can tap on. This will open up a menu with two options. Click on the Redeem Code option, which will open the code redemption menu. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and click on the checkmark to receive your item!

Are there Roblox promo codes for Robux?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You can’t get Robux with promo codes, and it is very unlikely that Roblox will ever give Robux away. Anything you see on the internet about free Robux is usually a scam, and is attempting to get your account information or to get you to follow, subscribe, or like their content.

How do I get more Roblox promo codes?

Well, your only real option is to wait for them to be released! They don’t come out super often, but when they do you will find them on this page or via Roblox’s various social media channels.

How do I get more free items?

Believe it or not, codes aren’t the only way to get free Roblox items for your avatar! There are a lot of items that can be gotten for free by just heading to the Avatar Shop and filtering the items by FREE! This gives you a full list of all sorts of hats, hair, accessories, and other various stuff that you can collect all for free. This is a great way to dress up your character when you are just starting out.

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