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Roblox SharkBite 2 has been announced!

Abracadabra Studios, the creators of Roblox SharkBite, have announced an upcoming sequel to the game called SharkBite 2!
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The game SharkBite is one of the more well-known titles in Roblox. It has been around since 2017, and has been a popular goto for many players of the platform. The game is a bit old at this point, there’s been quite a bit of improvements of Roblox in the past years, so it’s not surprising that it’s showing a bit of age. Well, that will no longer be the case, because Abracadabra Studio has announced that SharkBite 2 is coming soon!

The game of SharkBite is relatively simple, one player is the shark, and the rest attempt to survive and kill the shark before it gets them! This has been a good formula for the game, as it has remained a popular game for a long time. There could be some fun stuff you could do with this, however, and that is what it appears will be coming in the sequel to the original game.

Here’s the official announcement from the Abracadabra Studio Discord:

Four years ago we released SharkBite, its success took us by complete surprise and the reception it has received has been incredible, we want to thank all of our Discord community for your continued support. Since then we have found ourselves wanting to expand the game beyond the scope of what was possible in SharkBite due to old code, models and unbalanced content. So there was only one solution, and we have been working on it secretly for over a year.

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming sequel game, SharkBite 2

Dive into an all-new SharkBite world, purchase and build your own boats, explore the depths of our new maps and return as your favourite boat-eating apex predator like you’ve never seen before.

We plan on taking on all the years worth of feedback and creating something this time round that we know you will all love.

Coming Soon!

From Abracadabra Studio’s Discord

It looks like some of the new additions of the game will be the ability to build your own boat and explore new maps. These are both welcome updates to the game, which I look forward to seeing when it’s complete. Here’s additional information via the Discord:

Additional Info:
We will be posting regular teasers and updates about progress & features on the game from now on (considering Q&A sessions).
The game is already nearly complete! It’s been a work in progress for over a year now, hence why you haven’t seen many updates recently.
No official release date yet.
With the release of the new game we have a brand new professional logo, expect to see this integrated into new merchandise we are super excited about.
It won’t be possible to move your current saves to the new game, I am considering potentially having small ‘gifts’ in SB2 for those who complete areas of SB1.
[Sorry to those of you expecting a SharkBite 1 update, our attention is 100% on quickly releasing SharkBite 2 :slight_smile:]

From Abracadabra Studio’s Discord

That’s all of the details on the upcoming sequel to SharkBite! We’ll have additional coverage on SharkBite 2 as more information is release, so stay tuned!

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