Roblox The Survival Game Map – Merchants Update!

We've got a detailed map that you can use in Roblox The Survival Game to navigate you around the seas and keep you from danger!
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Roblox The Survival Game will have you looking to survive in a medieval world! You will need to find food, build shelter, form kingdoms with other players to keep yourself alive. Make sure to keep alert, because not all players are friendly and they might be part of other kingdoms. If you want to know where to go in this harsh world, we’ve got The Survival Game Map that will help prevent you from getting lost!

We also have guides for How to Get Steel, Iron, and Copper that will help you upgrade your weapons, armor, and tools!

Roblox The Survival Game Map

The map below features locations of Hostile NPCs, Passive NPCs, Stone, Coal Copper, Iron, Landmarks, Easter Eggs for Badges, Crashed Imperial Ships, and the location of the Desert Maze Path. You can click on the image below to enlarge the image.

We will be adding an updated map with the Merchants and Gold Ore locations as soon as we can!

Day/Night New Map

The map in the Day/Night update that was released on January 20th, 2023 can be found below. We’ll have a labeled version of it soon, but for now you can take a look at the differences. The main one is the L-shaped portion in the middle. That was separate islands previously, which have now been combined.

Survival Game New Day Night Map

Old Map

Bluesteel, the newly added ore, can be found at the Crashed Imperial Ship locations. Every 45 minutes the location of the shipwreck will be announced, and it will spawn at one of the marked locations on the map.

Here’s a vertical version of the map with the names of the locations:

The Survival Game Vertical Map
Credit to UndoneBuilder, Rei, and Rango of the Discord

The pink Landmark locations are useful to try and memorize because they will make navigating around the world easier. If you know where you are in relation to a landmark, you can then make your way to wherever you are actually trying to get with relative ease.

Keep in mind that the map can be slightly out-of-date when a new update is released. If new stuff is added to the game, we will be sure to replace it with a revised version as soon as possible.

Map Areas & Biomes

There are a few different biomes in the world currently, these include Jungle, Grassland, Ocean, and Desert. The biomes largely determine what kind of trees and wildlife you will experience when traversing through them.

The Jungle is found in the northernmost portion of the map and you will find Boars and Jungle Trees. There are a few landmarks to keep in mind, which are the Large Skull, Moai Statue, and Waterfall.

The Grasslands occupy the majority of the map currently and makeup the middle section of the world. You will find a lot of Deer, Wheat, and Oak Trees on these islands. There are a bunch of landmarks on these islands, including Stone Statues, Stonehenge, and some Skeletal Remains.

The southernmost portion of the map features the Desert biome. This area has Palm Trees that can be harvested, Elephants, but is overall pretty barren. Otherwise, you will find a Desert Cave, Oasis, and a Desert Maze where you can find the Hidden Tomb and Pyramids!

That’s all you need to know about the map and locations in the game. If you want to learn more, be sure to head to The Survival Game section of our website.

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  1. BiscuitedFudge

    Quick update: At the stone hedge, there is a Imperial Ship location located between the two rocks and its behind the Stone Hedge itself