Roblox Wild Horse Islands Training Island update log & patch notes released

The new Roblox Wild Horse Island update brings a variety of new content, changes, and bug fixes to the game.
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In the recent Roblox Wild Horse Islands update, Steven’s personal Training Island has been opened for players to train their horses and earn Training Receipts. Players can engage in various activities to increase their horse’s stats, with new additions including Agility and Jump. The update also brings adjustments to the Strength stat and the introduction of the Expert Trainer gamepass, which allows faster stat training.

Training Receipts can be exchanged for unique rewards such as accessories, dyes, and horses. Some of these rewards include the White Stars accessory pattern, Peppermint Treat, Checkered Flags, and new horse coat variants like Rose Grey and Palomino Reverse Dapple. The update also includes adjusted tack boosts to accommodate the new Agility and Jump stats, as well as breed stat range adjustments for Strength.

In addition, the update features a new stat menu for animals, a “Foals Bred” stat, and new “Stat Aura” variants for each stat. Legacy stat auras have been marked as “Legacy Item,” and Infernal horses now have a 1% chance of having mismatched mane/tail colors. This update brings a plethora of new content and improvements to the Roblox Wild Horse Islands, enhancing the gameplay experience for players.

You can find the official patch notes below for the update, which were released on the official DiscordIf you’re looking for freebies, head over to our Wild Horse Island Codes page.

Training Island

  • Steven has opened up his personal island for everyone to come and use!
  • Do various activities to increase your horse’s stats and earn Training Receipts.
  • Training Receipts can be given to Steven for unique rewards such a accessories, dyes, and horses!
  • Horses with 100% Purity can be overtrained up to +5 of their stat cap, Non-purebred horses can be overtrained up to +3 of their stat cap.
  • You can do the following activities in the Indoor Arena, Outdoor Arena
    — Single Stake, Pole Bending, Hurry Scurry, Figure 8 Stake, Speed Barrels, Birangle, Big T, Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Gridwork A, Gridwork B, Gridwork C, Gridwork D, Flatwork
  • You can do the following activities in the Racetrack:
    — Standard Racetrack
    — Steeplechase
    — Obstacle Course
  • Additional activities not in any arenas:
    — Log Pull, Tire Pull, Cross Country, & Hill Climb


  • New stat: Agility
    — Determines how quickly your horse turns when moving
    — Also determines how fast your horse can run when going downhill
  • New stat: Jump
    — Determines how high your horse can jump
  • Changes to Strength
    — Determines how quickly your horse can go uphill or through tough terrain such as water or mud
    — Determines how quickly your horse can pull vehicles.
    — No longer affects jump height

Training Receipt Unique Rewards

  • White Stars accessory pattern
  • Peppermint Treat (boosts strength, jump, agility, and speed all at once)
  • Checkered Flags (2 colour variants)
  • Cowboy Hat (2 colour variants, can also come textured)
  • Mouth Dumbbell (2 colour variants)
  • Mouth Jolly Ball (2 colour variants)
  • Rose Grey Fade Hair Dye
  • Palomino Fade Hair Dye
  • Rose Grey Horse Coat (comes on all breeds) (1% chance of mismatch) (is unbreedable)
  • Palomino Reverse Dapple Horse Coat (comes on all breeds) (1% chance of mismatch) (is unbreedable)


  • Tack boosts have been adjusted to include the new stats (Agility & Jump). You may notice your tack boosts are not the same as before.
  • Breed stat ranges for the Strength stat have been adjusted since it now serves a new function. Gone are the days that Clydesdales are better jumpers than Arabians!
  • The 2x Animal XP gamepass has been repurposed into a new Expert Trainer gamepass, which gives you 5 Training Vouchers and allows you to train your horse’s stats faster.
  • New stat menu for animals
  • New “Foals Bred” stat which shows how many times that horse has been bred.
  • The following auras have become unobtainable and have the “Legacy Item” tag: Strength Aura, Speed Aura, Stamina Aura, Friendly Aura
  • New “Stat Aura” with variants for each stat, obtained the same way as the now legacy stat auras mentioned above.
  • New icons created by @Fm_FrickleFrack
  • Infernal horses now have a 1% chance to be obtained with mismatched mane/tail colours.

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Wild Horse Island page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website

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