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Roblox Wild Worms goes into beta!

Wild Worms is a new game that has been added to Roblox that shares similarities with the popular Snake game!
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Roblox has a constant churn of games coming out, but sometimes one is released that merits discussion. Wild Worms is a pretty interesting release, because it’s a 3-dimensional version of the popular 2D game, Snake. The object of the game is to eat up things and get larger! The typical strategy in these games is that you try to avoid running into your own expanding body. However, the twist of Wild Worms is that while you get larger, you will be looking to avoid other players who will be looking to eat you. There’s other hazards as well, because NPC tanks are driving around the map and will fire on you if you get too close!

Wild Worms is now available in beta and you can play it here. You should expect some bugs in the game, and some of the multiplayer aspects are a bit wonky. However, there’s some fun to be had in this game, and it’s something that is a bit different, which makes it worth giving a try!

Grow to be the biggest worm and rule the leaderboard! Eat everything and anyone in your sight! Survive the longest and eat the most to reign supreme!

— Keep in mind this game is still under development! Not all features are implemented / refined.

thunder1222: Building, UI, Artwork, Game Design
EncodedLua: Scripting, Game Design
Jazzyx3: 3D Modeling (Shop Items)

Official Wild Worms Game Description

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  1. Chill_gal

    Are there any codes at the moment? I can’t find a page of any all over Google. If you do know, can you please tell me a list or a site? Maybe a link? Thanks!~

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      As far as I know, there isn’t any codes for the game yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any, and will have a page up as soon as I find one!