Roblox Zo Taunts Update Patch Notes

The new Taunts update has been released for Roblox Zo that brings a variety of new additions and fixes to the game.
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Roblox Zo has released its Taunts update on March 11th, 2022! This release brings the ability to do taunt animations to lord of your opponents and show off to your friends. There’s a bunch of different poses you can get, so be sure to grab them if you can! There’s some new weapon skins, animations, and bug fixes that will hopefully take care of any issues you’ve had with the game. You can find all the details from the update in the patch notes below!

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Zo Taunts Patch Notes

Taunts have now been added! You can press T ingame with your weapon out to flaunt your victory at other people or taunt them to come at you ingame(or just do a cool pose, your choice!)

Added the Default Katana Taunt
Added the Point Katana Taunt
Added the Default Naginata Taunt
Added the Spin Naginata Taunt
Added the Default Tanto Taunt
Added the Stab Tanto Taunt
Added the Default Kanabo Taunt


Fixed the “jebus” command
Fixed the “unjebus” command


Fixed a bug in the shop that resulted in infinite load times in some cases
The shops performance impact ingame has been significantly lowered whilst not open


Added the Sai
Added the Kunai
Added the Steak Knife


Modified all non-sheathed Tanto skins to now have a different equip animation


Fixed the Mobile Emote menu overlapping the leaderboard close button on some devices, causing gameplay to be unplayable for a few people


Extended the “SOULS” Quest-line
Extended the “KILLS” Quest line

That’s everything you need to know about the new Taunts update for Roblox Zo! We’ll have more content for this combat heavy samurai simulator in the near future.

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