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Royale High Halloween 2021 Chest Locations

We have a step-by-step look at how to find all of the chests in Royale High for Halloween 2021!
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Roblox Royale High’s Halloween 2021 celebration has just kicked off and that means there’s lots of fun stuff to find in the game. You can get yourself a new candy bag, trick or treat, and find some chests to get you some free candy! If you’re wondering how to find all of these new chests, we’ll walk you through each of their locations in this guide.

Royalloween Chest Locations

There are five chests in total, but one of them will reward you with the Pillowcase Candy Bag for 2021. That one is away from the spawn area, so we’ll save it for last!

Chest #1

This one is very close to spawn, and you should just run forward and see the area that it’s in. Look for the big almost church like house that is lit up with blue-green, and has a big jack o’ lantern in front of it. To the left of that will be a wooden door with a hangar like handle. If you get close to it, it will automatically open, and the chest will be inside!

Here’s the area and the doorway is circled:

Royale High Chest 01 Area Image

Here’s what it looks like when you’re inside with the chest:

Royale High Chest 01 Location Image

Chest #2

If you leave the room from Chest #1 and go to the right, you can walk along the pathway until you find the train station. If not, you can look for the train station, it’s very close to spawn and is lit up with purple lights. You’ll notice a clock at the top of the building, and two archways you can walk through.

Royale High Chest 02 Area Image

Go through the right archway, and walk to the right and you should find the chest.

Royale High Chest 02 Location Image

Chest #3

If you head out from the train station and through the archways, go to the right and walk until you see a jack o’ lantern hanging in the air as a lamp of sorts.

Royale High Chest 03 Area Image

Fly up to that spot and look to the left to see the third chest tucked in the corner!

Royale High Chest 03 Location Image

Chest #4

From the third chest, go to the right and look for the ghosts floating out of a glass floor. Look to the left and you should see a partial spiral staircase leading up to a house. Walk up those stairs and the door should open for you. It can be a bit bugged, so you might need to wait a bit for it to open.

Royale High Chest 04 Area 1 Image

Once inside of the house, you should see a chest at the bottom of the stairs resting on a cauldron.

Royale High Chest 04 Location Image

Candy Bag Chest

To get the Candy Bag Chest, you need to go under the big Wickery Cliffs sign and walk up the street into the neighborhood area.

Royale High Candy Bag Area01 Image

You should come across a green lit house, and you will see some street lamps that lead you behind the houses. Head in that direction and then go left!

Royale High Candy Bag Area02 Image

Once you turn left around that orange lit house, you should see a big bright green area with candles and floating ghosts. In the middle of it all is the Candy Bag Chest!

Royale High Candy Bag Location Image

Those are all of the chest locations for Halloween 2021 in Roblox Royale High! Check out the Royale High section of our website for more details on the game.

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  1. Queen Gorgeous

    Thank you, this really helps! I wouldn’t be able to find the last 2 chests!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad that it helped you! Hope you’re having fun with the Halloween update.