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Royale High Valentine’s 2021 Chest Locations

Get a bunch of free diamonds and cosmetics from chests during the Royale High Valentine's Day 2021 event!
Featured Roblox Royale High Valentines Day Chests Image

Royale High’s Valentine’s Day 2021 event is underway, and you can get some pretty sweet items just for traveling to the various locations of the game. These Royale High chests can be opened for free Diamonds and a couple of nice cosmetics that you can wear!

Royale High Valentine’s 2021 Chest Locations

Chest #1

The first chest is really easy to find! When you enter the game, you start right in front of a bridge. All you need to do to find the chest is jump into the water and look under the bridge. It will be very close to where you spawned, it’s a bright pink glowing chest that is hard to miss. Swim over to it and you can open it up to get your reward! When you open it up, you will get a popup that tells you that you just receive 250 Diamonds!

Chest #2

There is also another chest at the other end of the bridge! This is in the water as well, so just swim over to it. It’s harder to see, but it’s a white chest with pink trim. Click on this chest and you will receive the Darling Valentina Playful Puppy Ears! These can be worn as a hat or tiara that fits in your hair!

Chest #3

Royale High Lunar New Year chest location

To get the next chest, tap on the Valentine’s Day Teleport option on the side of your screen. This will open up the travel menu, and you will want to click on the Lunar New Year Celebration option. Run into the area straight ahead and you will see three large red arches. Underneath the middle and largest arch is a chest. Click on the chest to open it, and you will receive the Lunar New Year: Ox! This is basically another hat, but it comes out the side of your head!

Chest #4

Roblox Royale High Cabin Chest Image

The final one that you can get is a Diamond Chest that can be found at the Cabin. So, head to the Valentine’s Day Teleport menu, and select the Cabin. You will spawn outdoors, right in front of the Cabin. Run inside and head up the stairs. When you go all the way up, you end up in a room that has a bright red chest in it! Go over to the chest, open it up and you will receive another 250 Diamonds!

If you’re having trouble locating any of the chests, you can use this video to guide you:

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