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Royale High Wave 2 Update Notes – New Quests!

The new Royale High Wave 2 update is now available and brings new quests, locations, outfits, hair colors, and a whole lot more to the game!
Featured Royale High Wave 2 Update Image

The new Roblox Royale High Wave 2 update is now available in the game! You will find a bunch of new quests that you can complete in the Diamond Beach area that will reward new accessory prizes! There are diamonds to collect on the shore, and you will find new outfits designed by many different people. There’s a mess of new hair colors to try, and some green screen improvements for you video makers out there.

You can find all of the bug fixes and other additions to the game in the update log below.

Royale High Wave 2 Patch Notes

Find 5 different Quests in Diamond Beach, all rewarding accessory prizes! Quests created and written by stixxntricks, scripted by calinpjO4 and ironclaw33, with help from nightbarbie, ixChoco, PureSweetener, LauncelotHandsome, Albert_Kim, Ice7, ReddieTheTeddy, JamJooJoo, and Vioncii!

Diamond Beach now has diamonds you can collect along its shore! (Thank you LauncelotHandsome for placing diamonds!)

New Outfits by clothing designers amelytic, noslats, Vickytoriaah, Kittzilla, Idelisc, raekaro, MissFluffyHamster, Xienjai, Radistel, missmudmaam, Avelandra, KelseyAnna, PeaPearl, Aderlynn, KenzieGotBandz, TheNightBanana, vaguelysoft, samuelhemmingway, dynxa, vultie, hateluvv, miemeq, and avvxta! (Implementation by Kittzilla!)

37 New Hair Colors by iiFer_Plays, ixChoco_, and Vioncii!

A couple of new animations i whipped up (it’s me nightbarbie tts hehe) inspired by one of the accessories you can win from the quests, accessory by PureSweetener 🙂

Green Screen Improvements; no more bumpy texture, along with brighter colors to better chroma-capture out of images. New green screen also included in Diamond Beach, by Hot Head store!

Added a Beach Furniture giver interface to Diamond Beach and Beach House for organization so it doesn’t bombard you with tools when you enter lol

Fixed animations not playing on the donut floatie, Monstercat floatie, and shark floatie in Diamond Beach

and now.. Bug Fixes from Calin! TAKE IT AWAY CALIN!

Fixed delayed movement on bike and added to moped

Fixed glitch where half of skytram carts disappear

Vehicles can now go up hills

Fixed cave being too dark sometimes (lighting glitch)

Made it easier to sit on jetski

I feel there’s more but thats what i had in notes

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  1. poison

    when is it coming out tho????

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      This released a while ago.

  2. Minnie

    Can you maybe show more pictures please? And add a bit more?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      This post is just to display the patch notes, it isn’t for additional detail.