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Scars Above reveals new gameplay trailer and overview

Scars Above teases alien worlds, creatures, and action in a new gameplay overview!
Scars Above Image
Image: Mad Head Games

Scars Above, an upcoming sci-fi action adventure from developer Mad Head Games and publisher Prime Matter, has just released a lengthy new gameplay overview featuring story cinematics, core mechanics, boss fights and more.

Scars Above is set to launch on February 28th, 2023. It will be available on PC, as well as current and last generation consoles for PlayStation and Xbox. You can watch the full trailer on Prime Matter’s official YouTube channel here:

Scars Above is a debut for Mad Head Games, so there aren’t other titles to compare. However, their official website teases that the team is already working on a second game featuring “famous horror film IP”. Publisher Prime Matter is probably best known for their recent efforts on The Chant, a largely successful survival horror game with a compelling hook inspired by cults.

Scars Above seems similar in nature, with regard to its old school genre concepts. Today’s overview was pretty striking, boasting a surprisingly keen interest in science while also delivering creature feature action.

Even if the graphics aren’t necessarily up to par, the environments and alien creatures are beautifully designed. There’s a certain density to it, with some creative layers to unravel. Everything that looks dangerous and monstrous also has a very organic feel to it, perhaps borrowing a bit from Monster Hunter, as the protagonist must thrive on nature’s resources.

This led to some standard mechanics like analyzing literally everything around you. Those features can sometimes feel like a chore. But they’re also enjoyed by fans of the genre, and it’s an opportunity to solve the mystery here anyway. Also, the need to escape is a simple and fun premise that lends itself to exploration.

Overall, Scars Above looks like a cinematic throwback to simple sci-fi adventures, with a very pure kind of worldbuilding. It raises some pretty high expectations for whatever horror game they’ll be working on.

You can read more about Scars Above and other upcoming sci-fi games by checking out the rest of our news section!

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